Whistleblower Communications

If you watch the news, even sporadically, you’ve probably heard of whistleblowing but you may not understand it or how it can affect the day-today life of the whistleblower. The communications management team at Red Banyan understands the public relations implications of whistleblowing and has a team of experts who can jump into action to mitigate damage, protect your livelihood and make sure you are not the victim of retaliation. Our seasoned professionals have a tried-and-true PR strategy that will help guide you through these uncharted and challenging waters.

Under the law, whistleblowing is defined as “disclosing information that you reasonably believe is evidence of a violation of any law, rule, or regulation, or gross mismanagement, a gross waste of funds, an abuse of authority, or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.”

The expertise of a crisis response company is critical when it comes to understanding the legalities involved with whistleblowing and legitimate concerns about retaliation.

Whistleblowers are protected by several laws and must have compelling evidence to support their claims. Red Banyan’s PR consultants understand why it is important to understand the big picture and proceed with caution so that your reputation and legal status are protected.

Approach to Whistleblower PR

Whistleblowing can be tricky business, which is why it is important to have Red Banyan’s crisis PR experts on-call to facilitate an effective whistleblower protection system. We know that anti-retaliation and prevention measures must be put in place.

Our public relations consultants will develop a strategic plan that will help position you in a way that will ensure you move forward with minimal negative media attention. Our crisis communications service knows how to plan for the worst so that you are always prepared for the unexpected. In addition, depending on the circumstances we may want to enact a strategy to put pressure on the offending bad actors by exposing their wrongdoing publicly.

If you are on the receiving end of a complaint by a whistleblower, especially when the allegations are false or groundless, then you need help to ensure that this negative information does not come to define your organization.

Whistleblower Media Strategy

Red Banyan’s crisis PR experts know that being prepared and having a plan ahead of time is the key to success in almost any scenario. Our communications management team, working in concert with your legal counsel, will make sure you are protected so if you expose a bad actor, we will help safeguard your reputation and ensure you are not the victim of retaliation.

Our crisis communications consultants know the media often focuses on the motivation of the whistleblower instead of the information the whistleblower discloses. We will provide you with a complete media relations strategy that affords you the best opportunity to get your own message out in the way you desire.

Red Banyan’s PR experts are also familiar with the extensive laws that protect whistleblowers and the rights that these laws impart. Our team will help you determine the best channels to utilize for ensuring your messaging reaches stakeholders in a timely fashion.

Will you need to rely on email, face-to-face meetings, or social media accounts? We will help you select the best platform to guarantee that as many stakeholders as possible are kept in the loop. We work closely with some of the best qui tam lawyers in the country on high-profile cases. 

Media Relations for a Whistleblower

Red Banyan’s team of PR professionals understands that the motives for whistleblowing can be misunderstood. Our crisis PR consultants provide you with advice on how to clearly explain what the whistleblowing incident is about and whether the whistleblower complaint touches upon violations of corporate values or a code of conduct, dangerous products or governmental fraud. Red Banyan’s crisis management PR team has been involved in a wide array of whistleblower cases and has successfully assisted employees willing to speak out.

We know it’s important that the media understand why a whistleblower comes forward and we will help you convey your message clearly and in the most appropriate manner. We also know that whistleblowers have to weigh the risks and benefits carefully when they go to the press. Our PR professionals can provide whistleblower guidance on when outside publicity might be advantageous and when it could prove detrimental.

Red Banyan’s seasoned PR team knows how to time media coverage, determine what angles to promote and how to distribute key information. We understand that organizations can retaliate against whistleblowers fiercely and that the fallout can be a nightmare. Our respected crisis management experts understand how challenging it can be to shine a light on poor practices that need to be improved. We work closely with attorneys since the process can be very restrictive in terms of making information public.

Whistleblower PR Strategy

Red Banyan’s PR crisis professionals bring decades of practical experience to the table and know how to navigate whistleblower complaints—from both sides.  In some cases we have worked with whistleblowers to achieve success that benefits the public.  In other cases, we have defended organizations which have been the target of false claims.

Does your company have a whistleblower hotline, internet reporting mechanisms or other means to convey information privately? Some organizations have ombudsman programs, with offices in areas that could be the focus of complaints. Our whistleblower experts will help you decide if any of these avenues could be effective for you.

Does the organization where you work have a reporting system for anonymous complainants? Red Banyan’s crisis PR experts will help you cover all the bases. We will also help you highlight your success story when the whistleblower complaint eventually results in successful prosecution or other satisfactory resolution.

How to Use Communications as a Whistleblower

If you are a whistleblower with a legitimate concern about your company, how do you safely convey that information and protect yourself at the same time? Red Banyan’s experienced crisis communications experts know that technology like encrypted apps offer a protected medium for sharing messages. We are here to guide and assist.

Our PR strategists will guide you through this complicated network so you will know what is legally protected and what isn’t. Secure channels of communications are key to establishing a flow of information that remains confidential.

Our PR experts will help you establish an easy-to-understand outline of what you to expect after coming forward with a whistleblowing complaint. Our communicators understand the complexities involved with cases related to dangerous products, and have been involved in cases where the government or private corporations have sought to retaliate against employees who were wrongfully terminated, or retaliated against as a result of their actions.

Companies may set up programs that encourage employees to come forward with complaints before they rise to the level of whistleblowing. Red Banyan’s communications consultants can help you explore these possibilities and determine if they are applicable to your situation or not. We will provide you with clear and succinct directives to make the process even easier.

Whistleblowers feel more confident if they know what to expect, understand the process and have assurances on how it works. Our experienced communications and whistleblower PR team will work with your attorneys to protect you and help you achieve success.