Red Banyan is a crisis communications agency that specializes in media PR training, crisis public relations and media relations. Our team of experienced professionals can provide media interview preparation, on-camera media training and spokesperson training.

Our team of former journalists works closely with business leaders, spokespersons and individuals who need to speak with the press due to a specific occurrence. We can help you shape your core messaging, develop talking points and conduct mock press interviews so you are comfortable with the format.

Many of our crisis PR training clients have never dealt with the media. Red Banyan’s team of interview preparation experts will make sure you know what to expect, are prepared ahead of time and are confident about your core messages. We will help you refine your remarks so that your points are communicated clearly and with authority.

Expert Interview Preparation

If you have never been interviewed by a reporter or done an on-camera interview, then media training is a key element to make sure you convey the messages you want in the ways that you want. Talking to a reporter can be intimidating if you have no idea what to expect.

Red Banyan’s experienced media coaches will help you prepare for the unexpected, show you how to present your side of the story in the best light, and demonstrate how to get the best result from your interview.

Press training is a specialized form of interview preparation that helps interviewees anticipate media questions, focus on their key message and avoid common pitfalls. PR training will help you conduct press interviews with confidence, steer the narrative in your direction and respond to questions with authority.

Whether you are being interviewed by a traditional reporter, a blogger, a trade journalist or a national correspondent, it is important to know what you are going to say before you say it and to be prepared for the tough questions that can knock you off-kilter. Red Banyan’s experienced team of PR interview coaches will prepare you completely, so you are ready to share your commentary with authority and confidence.

Media Training and Competition

Red Banyan’s public relations training team includes numerous former journalists whose expertise is rooted in their deep understanding of how reporters think. They understand journalists and can anticipate their questions because they used to be part of the media.

During your training, our team will introduce you to basic journalism and media communications concepts with discussions focused on the interview process and preparation. We will teach you the meaning of terms like “off the record,” “direct quote” and “background” so you will know what to expect when you hear them.

Red Banyan’s media relations professionals understand that most people have never been interviewed by a reporter. Our specialized media outreach training is designed to help you maximize the benefit from your press interview and stay on-point.

Retaining control of the narrative is important for any interview situation but it can be tricky if the interviewer wants to go in another direction. Red Banyan’s interview preparation experts will teach you ways to keep your messaging focused and show you how to redirect if the narrative is heading the wrong way.

We will teach you how to steer the conversation in the direction you want it to go so that you can share the story you want to tell in the way you want to tell it.

How to Anticipate Questions

Answering questions while a reporter is taking notes or as a camera rolls can be intimidating. The media relations experts at Red Banyan will help you prepare for press interviews, so you are ready for the questions most likely to come up.

Red Banyan’s team of media training professionals will help you prepare by creating lists of questions and coaching you on the answers. We will conduct mock interviews with you so  that you are comfortable discussing your business’s core messages and make sure prepare for the unexpected.

Knowing what you will say ahead of time is key when it comes to interview preparation. Red Banyan’s team of interview experts will help compile a list of relevant talking points so you can stay focused when the questions start to fly. If your organization has any weak points, then Red Banyan’s interview preparation team will make sure you have answers prepared ahead of time so you will be ready for the tough stuff if any touchy topics come up.

Mock on-camera interviews are among the most valuable media preparation exercises Red Banyan provides. Our team of on-camera interview experts will demonstrate how body language, overall appearance and the tone of your responses can work for or against you. Being aware of these elements can mean the difference between failure and success.

Why Media Preparation Matters

Interviewees who do not prepare ahead of time for media interviews run the risk of conveying the wrong message with their words and appearance. Red Banyan’s experienced media coaches will make you are ready by drilling you with a wide array of questions, so you are ready to respond with well-thought-out answers.

Our media relations team will also make sure you are prepared to answer tough questions that may diverge from the narrative you want to present. Preparing for difficult questions in advance ensures the best possible outcome should something unfavorable comes to light.