Solid relationships with reporters and editors build the kind of foundation that make sharing your story with a wider audience possible. We understand that getting the coverage you want is a two-way street. Your organization needs good publicity and reporters need good stories.

Red Banyan’s existing relationships with journalists lend credibility to our media pitches and media training.

When it comes to earned media, not all PR firms are created equal. Our press outreach team knows how to create a PR plan that will attract the interest of journalists, bloggers and influencers and get the kind of positive press coverage and business attention that makes a difference.

We creatively develop unique angles and monitor the media, determining the best time to release your story.


We help our clients determine what stories they should tell and then guide them through the PR outreach process to get the best exposure possible. Our motto is “Press the Truth.” We believe that aggressively telling your truth is the best way to tell your story.


The copy you pitch must be relevant to capture the interest of the media. We develop compelling content that makes sense and leaves a lasting impression. Content that tells a story – with a beginning, middle and end – draws in journalists and leaves them wanting more. Red Banyan’s PR experts know how to share compelling pitches that capture the attention of reporters and stir interest in subjects that might otherwise be overlooked.

And once we get media interest, we will frame your stories in ways that are relevant to the press. We will determine a pitch strategy and make sure our story is backed by verifiable data and is newsworthy and relevant.


Earned media is different than even a few years ago. It’s no secret that social media has rapidly become the essential outlet for anyone seeking to get a story seen or talked about.

Today, it’s critical to think about all the different kinds of “engagement” that make up an online presence. Bloggers, influencers, reporters that are active on social media all come into play when thinking about strategic outreach.

Red Banyan’s pr outreach professionals know how to make you stand out from the crowd. Press outreach is rooted in source-building that establishes trust and credibility with reporters.


Strategic PR is what sets us apart from other public relations agencies. Creating strong narratives that enhance clients’ reputations and distributing engaging pitches, press releases, videos and graphics is how we get your brand noticed.

At Red Banyan, we are uniquely positioned to tell your story broadly. Our work ethic is rooted in honesty, integrity, and transparency. Our connections with the media are extensive. And many on our team are former journalists who know how the media think.