Public Relations and Media Outreach

At Red Banyan, our clients do an incredible job of running their respective businesses, but they sometimes fall short telling the world all the great things they do. That’s where we come in. As a public relations firm with an emphasis on crisis management, we’re committed to make sure that the people, companies and causes we represent are portrayed in the best possible light.

Your Strategic PR Source

There is an art to this kind of work, and it is the art of persuasion. Through our combination of skill and experience as promotional storytellers, we create strong public narratives that are expressly designed to enhance the reputation of our clients, and to advance their agendas.

We are experts in the use of various communication tools that public relations professionals count on to achieve maximum impact. To that end, we write and distribute attention-getting press releases, post compelling videos, and write stirring speeches that make people take notice. And no matter what we do, whether crafting a written response, or appearing before the media as a client spokesperson, we’re determined to not just get to the point, but to get that point across.

But what really sets us apart from any other public relations agency is our focus on strategic PR. We know how easily even the most well-intentioned PR campaigns can go off the rails unless every aspect is managed with utmost professionalism. For that reason, we have developed a proprietary, step-by-step approach to publicity generation that leaves nothing to chance.

For starters, we sit down with each prospective client and run though a comprehensive checklist to determine their strengths, as well as any areas of concern that need to be addressed. By knowing what questions to ask, we’ve come to understand the nuances involved with organizations across a wide range of industries.

We know that a client’s success can often hinge upon those subtle distinctions in the way we frame arguments, describe situations, and talk about companies. Mastering nuance reveals you as a true subject matter expert, and can be the key to helping reporters and the public understand the truth, and why their previous impression of a situation, person or business may not be accurate.

Operating on these principles makes us an international strategic communications firm to be reckoned with, and the one to whom you should turn first for any communications needs.

Cultivating Strong Relationships

A key reason we’re considered a top PR firm, and perhaps even the best PR firm (in the eyes of many), is that we take the time to create enduring relationships. We have clients who have used our services for years because they know we take nothing for granted. We approach every client engagement as if it is our only engagement, and treat the clients’ organizations as if they were our own. By operating in such a manner, our interests and those of our clients, are one and the same.

At Red Banyan, we believe that having confidence in your PR agency is paramount.  As a client, you have to experience a sense of comfort. That’s what sustains you during a time of crisis, or helps when you want to change the narrative that’s currently being told about you. Our clients need to legitimately feel that they are in good hands and that we are going to do everything we can to put them at ease.

We also go to great lengths to cultivate our relationships with reporters. Experience has taught us that reporters want to work with PR people who are smart and credible and can make their lives easier, not more complicated. We are well aware that it is reporters, and the media outlets which employ them, who ultimately decide if they want to move forward with any story we pitch. That’s why it makes sense to build cordial relationships with them.

Building Media Outreach

Our solid relationships with reporters and editors help us build a strong foundation in the realm of media outreach. Simply stated, media outreach means putting your story in front of people who have the platform to tell it to a wider audience. But having them provide the kind of media coverage you want for your clients involves taking the right approach.

To convince journalists to write a positive story about your client, or the issues they want to put forth, you must come across as authentic and genuine. And the best way to do that is to follow a simple rule: don’t lie. By all means, we will advocate for our client’s position, but we will never pass on information we know to be false.

Much of the public relations success we have had through decades of working with reporters is because they know that if our team comes to them with a news item or story idea, it will be credible. There’s never a doubt that we will be bringing them something that is legitimate and can be thoroughly vetted. At Red Banyan, we don’t sell spin. We deliver information that’s verifiably true.





Media Relations Firm Best Practices

So yes, there are some steadfast PR approaches at work when engaging with reporters. You should deal with them openly, honestly, and transparently. You should bring them good stories, and refrain from bombarding them with items that won’t likely be of interest. When pitching a story, you should avoid being demanding or insistent. These are the principles of media relations that never change.

What does change, of course, is the technology that drives the way stories and information are transmitted in today’s hyper-connected world. Communication constantly evolves, which means that public relations professionals need to do the same, and we have.

It’s no secret that social media has rapidly become the essential outlet for anyone seeking to get a story written, seen, or talked about. Today, it’s all about “engagement”— that combination of likes, retweets, comments, and other interactions that that make up a person’s online presence. Now that bloggers, influencers, and online journalists have become the gatekeepers of how many stories get told, repeated, and become viral, we have created strong alliances with them. That’s the only way to ensure that our client’s presence stays as relevant as today’s newsfeed.

Getting the Message Right, Right on Time

Before stepping up to the podium, facing the camera, or firing off an email, there is one essential element every successful communicator must have: a well-thought out message. And that’s what you can expect us to deliver every time.

When formulating a message on our client’s behalf, we take a consultative approach that provides relevance and structure to their thinking. And because time is of the essence, we’re known for taking decisive action and disseminating that message without delay.

We thrive on deadlines, because we not only think quickly, but also have a wealth of experience to readily draw upon. That’s a potent combination to have in your favor when you need a rapid public relations response to address your communication needs.

For a public relations firm that’s dedicated to enhancing client reputations, Red Banyan has managed to acquire a reputation of our own—as professionals you can always count on to come through in the clutch.

To learn more about how we can address your strategic PR and communication needs with uncommon commitment, contact us today.

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