While talk show host Ellen DeGeneres continues battling fallout from claims of a toxic workplace, Red Banyan CEO Evan Nierman’s thoughts on the Ellen DeGeneres crisis management efforts remain in demand.

BuzzFeed and Page Six recently featured Evan’s take on DeGeneres’ slow response to the damaging allegations, and what she could have done to better preserve her image. DeGeneres’ talk show is reportedly losing advertisers, struggling to book A-list celebrities, and suffering a dip in ratings.

Evan has also shared his insights about the Ellen DeGeneres scandal with an array of other national media, including Drew Reports News and Mercury News. Red Banyan continues to be the go-to source for news outlets seeking comment on crisis communications.

DeGeneres, a nationally-acclaimed television host, actress, writer and producer, found herself in the midst of a PR challenge earlier this year when reports of sexual harassment and other workplace issues surfaced in the media.