A small, well-respected company was forced to fire one of its top executives after discovering illegal activity.  After being let go, the disgruntled ex-employee slandered her former employer and violated her non-compete agreement by setting up a rival business and soliciting the company’s customers.  Troubled by the disturbing and false information they received, many customers cut ties to the company, decimating revenues and destroying employee morale.


With legal action already underway, the business retained Red Banyan to provide crisis communications counsel.

Red Banyan quickly got up to speed on the facts about what had transpired, as well as the details of the lawsuits.  Red Banyan Group then developed and implemented a PR strategy designed to work in tandem with the company’s legal strategy.  The strategic recommendations focused upon handling the immediate crisis, safeguarding against further attacks, rebuilding the firm’s reputation, improving internal and external communications and helping the business forge new partnerships.


As the firm waited for legal justice to be served, it utilized Red Banyan’s crisis management expertise to move the business forward. An established communications plan empowered the firm to address posed threats and take action to resolve resulting challenges. Possessing new background knowledge, the company was able to expose the ex-employee and the illegal means of her new business.

Strategic messaging and well-prepared executives enabled the firm to directly address disconcerting issues with its clients and rebuild trusting relationships. The new communications strategy and revamped marketing materials enabled the firm to more effectively seek out new business partners and re-establish their hard-earned reputation for excellence.

With the help of Red Banyan, the firm put the unfortunate incident behind them and took a focused, prepared approach to the future of their business.