A successful CEO of several privately held businesses was confronted with highly negative online content spawned by old lawsuits, which were settled long ago. Online searches for the CEO’s name and company yielded links to the lawsuits among the top items in search engine results pages. Specifically, the first page of Google search results was littered with negative content, with the lawsuits ranking at the top.
Although the suits were without merit, the CEO’s reputation was severely tarnished. The claims against him in the suits, available for anyone to read on the Internet, completely misrepresented his character and business practices. The negative content online dissuaded numerous potential clients from engaging the CEO’s companies, damaging his business and creating a false negative impression of the CEO on a personal level.


Red Banyan devised a multi-faceted strategy to dramatically improve the CEO’s online reputation and presence through the methodical creation of positive content that would in time prominently outrank negative content in search engine results pages. Tapping into its SEO optimization expertise, the Red Banyan team identified key solutions to reversing the damaging online trend that felt like a personal affront to the CEO.


Over a short period, Red Banyan succeeded in completely changing the CEO’s online persona. Stripping the CEO’s online reputation of negative associations, the Red Banyan team effectively moved the disparaging content off of the top search engine pages. These successful results were illustrated through qualitative and quantitative measures captured in an SEO report revealing significant, rapid progress exceeding all expectations.

Red Banyan succeeded in completely altering the online landscape of the first page of search results for the CEO’s name. The top seven results for the CEO’s name (the section immediately viewable by a user) were all positive content, with one of the lawsuit links completely pushed off of the first page of search results. Nine out of ten results on this highly visible first page were not only entirely positive, but primarily comprised of new content that Red Banyan generated.

Another dramatic accomplishment was achieved when searching for both the CEO’s name and primary business together. All negative links were entirely removed from the first page of search results, and a sizeable amount of new and positive content was created, pushing down much of the neutral content. Eight of the ten sites on the first page of search results, and six of the ten sites on the second page of search results accurately and positive reflect upon the CEO and his businesses. This excellent result improved both the CEO’s personal and business reputations online.

Red Banyan was pleased to deliver peace of mind to the CEO, guiding him throughout the entire process as trusted confidantes who delivered excellent, quantifiable results.