Assess Your Current Reputation

Do you know what people are saying about your company, organization or brand online? Do you have any idea how to monitor social media to find out what people think about you?

Red Banyan’s reputation repair services can take the guesswork and uncertainty out of this daunting task. Online reputation management is the effort to influence what and how people think of a brand or person when viewed online. Your online reputation is an overall image of who your audience perceives you or your organization to be. And sometimes it’s far from where you expect it.

Red Banyan’s team of reputation repair consultants can track what people are saying about you or your organization online, and restore your good image if a problem is uncovered.

Where Are the Faults?

Our team of SEO and ORM know how to review your social media accounts and pinpoint any problems. Our reputation rehab professionals know what works and can tailor a unique plan using their years of experience and knowledge to create a social media strategy that will improve your organization’s online presence with a system of measuring and reporting that will help your organization become more impactful.

Our agency tactics include social media management, community management, content development and ongoing strategy development. Red Banyan’s social media service will help your organization successfully increase overall engagement across all platforms.

Devise a Plan and Strategy

When a problem arises involving online reputation management (ORM), Red Banyan’s reputation management experts immediately develop a plan of action to fix the damaged reputation. Our services start with instantly taking stock of the situation, analyzing the circumstances leading up to the online reputation problem, and creating a plan to resolve the issue.

1.    Plan and Strategize

When an online reputation problem crops up, time is of the essence. It’s a given that you won’t have the luxury of thinking through every possible outcome before deciding how to respond. That’s why it’s important that your online reputation rehab professionals have experience. You want reputation repair consultants who’ve been there, to help you develop an effective restoration plan when social media goes out of control.

Red Banyan’s reputation rehabilitation experts have decades of proven results. Our seasoned team members can recognize patterns, similarities and red flags from prior cases that can help inform the decisions we need to make to keep an unpredictable and troublesome situation under control.

Every organization should conduct a crisis audit in advance—well before a threat appears on the horizon. Preventive planning is one of Red Banyan’s core offerings, and we do so to identify potential areas of concern, and possibly prevent an online reputation management crisis from ever occurring.

2.    Engage With the Media

Bad news always travels fast, and news outlets can latch onto a narrative with remarkable speed. That’s why you need Red Banyan’s seasoned experts on call to help. We know how to handle reporters and can speak to your situation with confidence and authority.

Our reputation management experts know how important it is to correctly present the facts, lock down your message and be truthful about what you say. Red Banyan’s PR experts understand the harm a lie can cause because facts can easily be checked. You never want your name or organization linked to statements that are clearly false.

Success hinges on credibility. Red Banyan’s reputation rehab experts have worked hard for years to establish reputations that are respected for their adherence to truth. At Red Banyan, we don’t tell lies, we don’t sell spin, we deliver truth.

3.    Press the Truth

Red Banyan’s online reputation management consults don’t simply tell the truth in a plain, matter-of-fact way, and hope for the best result. We work hard to convince audiences to side with our version of the story so they disregard all other versions. We press the truth.

This means that Red Banyan’s rehab repair professionals use all the tools of reason and rhetoric to tell a client’s story in a compelling way. At Red Banyan, pressing the truth is our proprietary approach to crisis PR and online reputation management.  It’s part and parcel of everything we do.

Timing is another factor to consider when pressing the truth. Many times, it’s advantageous to pre-empt negative accusations or coverage that you know are coming your way. If you get to the press first and communicate your story before it’s told by others, then you’re the one providing the context.

When you provide the narrative, others have to work within the confines of the borders you’ve established, and the nuance of language that you use can color their opinion. Leave it to others to react to your story.

How Long Can Online Reputation Repair Take?

Fixing a tarnished online reputation is different every time. Because of this, there isn’t a simple answer as to how long it will take. Deploying content and changes to displace something negative in Google can be tricky. Modifying what comes up in search engines depends on how much new content can be deployed to help overwhelm negative content that you would prefer did not surface.

Reputation Monitoring

  • Red Banyan’s social media monitoring team will monitor multiple social media platforms on your behalf to determine how your brand is being discussed online, and if there is a need to further manage your online reputation.

So how can social media enhance your organization’s brand? First, it can increase brand awareness. If your organization’s goods or services aren’t online, it’s a lot more likely that you won’t reach your target audience. Being online immediately increases your brand’s visibility. Social media can also be used to humanize your brand.

By showing potential customers how your brand helps, or works in the world, you create connections with people that would otherwise be missed. You create reasons why they should care. It’s also a fact that social posts that are interesting or engaging will keep your organization’s mission front and center.

People think about things that cross their paths. Did you know that social media is also a great way to engage interest? By asking questions, or encouraging people to respond, you can draw them into a conversation that may have them coming back. Social media is also an excellent tool for crisis communications.

When something goes awry, negative news can spiral out of control on social media. Red Banyan’s social media experts are also trained in crisis management and have the know-how to tamp down any social media meltdown that may occur.

Be Proactive with Online Reputation Repair

  • The key to curing a tarnished online reputation is knowing what’s being said online, engaging to halt negative content and accelerating the production of positive content. Our online reputation management PR services can help you perform excellent crisis management.