Red Banyan Group client and leading fitness supplement provider Metabolic Nutrition this week announced that its popular Tri-Pep Branch Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) supplement will now be featured at all Vitamin Shoppe locations nationwide.

Learn more about the revolutionary endurance and muscle building supplement Tri-Pep and top health company Metabolic Nutrition in the press release below:

Now Available at Vitamin Shoppe: Metabolic Nutrition’s Revolutionary Endurance and Muscle Building Supplement Tri-Pep Branch Chain Amino Acid

Sunrise, FL (PRWEB) July 07, 2014

Metabolic Nutrition, one of the nation’s top health and fitness supplement providers, is excited to announce that its popular Tri-Pep BCAA supplement will now be available at all Vitamin Shoppe locations across the country. As a nationally renowned sports and herbal supplement retailer, a presence at Vitamin Shoppe will help make Tri-Pep BCAA readily accessible for a whole new range of athletes and health-minded consumers.

A physician formulated and pharmaceutical grade supplement, Metabolic Nutrition’s Tri-Pep Branch Chain Amino Acid is the first-ever peptide-bonded BCAA, providing users with greater absorption and bioavailability. The product’s unique formulation improves exercise performance, reduces fatigue, accelerates recovery and preserves and enhances lean muscle. This powerful and effective supplement has quickly become a staple in the workout regimens of serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts nationwide.

Additionally, Tri-Pep BCAA has been successfully used in bariatric patients to maintain muscle mass following surgery, illustrating the limitless range of potential life-changing uses for the product.

In addition to providing superior physical stamina, endurance, and muscle recovery, Tri-Pep Branch Chain Amino Acid mixes easily and provides a fruity flavor to water or any favorite beverage without the bitter chemical aftertaste of many competing products. Initially, all Vitamin Shoppe stores will offer both the delicious grape and watermelon flavors of Metabolic Nutrition’s Tri-Pep BCAA, with the lemon and plain flavor versions available for direct order from the company’s website.

“Tri-Pep’s introduction into Vitamin Shoppe, one of the nation’s leading health and fitness retailers, will introduce the product and its amazing benefits to hundreds of new households across the country,” said Metabolic Nutrition CEO Jay Cohen. “We are so excited to be working with Vitamin Shoppe to increase the reach and impact of our superior supplements. At Metabolic Nutrition, our customers come first, and we look forwarding to helping even more Americans achieve their fitness and health goals through this new partnership.”

Well-known for its commitment to enhanced customer service and top-quality products, Metabolic Nutrition also aims to elevate the standards for ethics and professionalism within the nutritional supplement industry. In addition to employing strong business practices, the company has a deep dedication to giving back through various community and charitable initiatives.