If you have agreed to do a media interview, then the time to prepare is now. Knowing what you are going to say and how you are going to say it is the key to success. Red Banyan’s media interview experts will help you outline your message and make sure you are not caught off-guard or stumped by tough questions you never dreamed might come up.

Determining your core message ahead of time will help keep your interview focused and on-track. Television interviews are usually short so it is helpful to have several memorable and brief message points ready to go beforehand.

Red Banyan’s media relations experts will make sure you have plenty of facts on hand to back up your talking points so that your interview is credible.

Red Banyan’s press training experts will make sure your messaging points are interesting, bright and compelling. You want your message to resonate when you deliver it.  Did you know that eye contact and body language are important pieces of your on-camera spokesperson skills?

Why Spokesperson Training Makes a Difference

When your organization needs to publicize information that is specific to a particular event, it is important to present a unified message. Red Banyan’s media outreach professionals will help you select a designated spokesperson, then coach that individual in speech delivery, messaging and presentation so he or she can get the job done right.

Spokesperson training is valuable to any organization, business or nonprofit that has a story to tell, a service to offer, or a product to market.

Funneling important information through a single source allows you to control what information is released, make sure it is accurate and retain control of the narrative.

Companies without a designated spokesperson may discover that information is released to the press from different and conflicting sources, adding to the chaos of an unpredictable situation. Disreputable sources may also disseminate information because there is no official source, making a bad situation worse.

Become Confident On-Camera

Red Banyan’s virtual interview preparation experts will teach you how to survive an interview unscathed using advanced techniques like pivoting and flagging. If you have never done a media interview by video, we will walk you through the process so you are comfortable when you face the camera.

Our video interview professionals will prepare you for the worst and make sure you are ready to navigate any unexpected minefields that crop up during your on-camera interview. Red Banyan’s media coaching staff will prepare a list of potential questions that may arise during your interview and practice them with you in a rehearsal Q&A session.

We will teach you how to do a TV interview, demonstrate what it is like to be interviewed, provide tips on how to remain calm and coach you on how to deal with reporters.

Media Training in a Crisis

Conducting a press interview during a crisis can be extremely stressful and challenging. Having someone on staff who is prepared to speak with the media during an emergency is important and another reason why Red Banyan’s spokesperson training is so valuable.

Red Banyan’s crisis PR professionals will help you designate a crisis communications spokesperson so you can retain control of the narrative, keep track of what information is being released and have someone to field questions from the media.

A well-trained spokesperson can tell a compelling story with a beginning, middle and end. Red Banyan’s spokesperson training is detail-oriented, so the spokesperson knows how to convey clear talking points and how to explain message points in detail.

We train on-camera spokespersons to anticipate what kind of questions may be asked, frame core messages in a favorable light and share stories in ways that will capture interest and spur people to action.

Emergency Interview Prep

Red Banyan is a crisis PR agency that specializes in media interview training and crisis communications management. Our PR experts know how to develop media sources, interact on social media and target the right news outlet with the right story.

We also specialize in press interview preparation so you can be confident you are ready before you step in front of TV cameras.

Since you may have never worked with reporters, we will illustrate for you what to expect, conduct mock interviews and teach you what to do if you receive a tough question you are not sure how to answer.

Preparation is the key to success. Anticipating what kind of questions might come up during an interview is half the battle. Having prepared answers to difficult questions is also a smart preparation technique.

Our video interview experts will make sure you are ready for anything so you can share your organization’s core message and retain control of the story. We will teach you how to think on your feet, provide interesting and informative quotes, and be unafraid to face a video camera.

Our crisis PR spokesperson training is exceptionally valuable to companies that find themselves in the midst of an unexpected crisis, have major news to report or want to highlight community endeavors that shine a positive light.

Our on-camera interview experts will teach you how to share your stories in ways that captivate and make a difference. Using a Red Banyan media relations coach will provide peace of mind and set up a path to success.