Government Relations & Public Relations

You’ve probably heard the terms “government relations” and “public relations” dozens of times, but do you really know what they mean and why they might be important to your organization?

Here’s a quick primer: government relations helps an organization communicate with governmental entities about things like regulatory issues, educating legislators on particular issues and directing communication with elected officials. Public relations helps an organization better communicate with governmental entities such as legislators, interest groups and even the media.

The public affairs consultants at Red Banyan have decades of experience working in the areas of government relations and public relations and can provide the expert guidance and advice you need to navigate the government. Our PR and lobbying experts can provide tips and strategies that will help you accomplish your goals.

We have the political backgrounds and experience to influence government on the local, state and national levels, as well as the established relationships needed to get you noticed. Our PR professionals and lobbyists interact regularly with legislators so we understand governmental processes, and know what it takes to get the job done.

We know how to conduct research, and understand how politics works, so we are well-equipped to devise a public relations plan that will meet your needs, convey your message and help you navigate your way through what can be an often-confusing maze of government.

Managing Government Relations

We know how to manage government relations because we have established relationships with elected officials across the nation. The PR experts at Red Banyan know that building and maintaining relationships with policymakers hinges on consistent communications.

When your organization has an issue that is important, we make sure government officials are aware of it well before you need their assistance. We put you on their radar and keep you there by keeping them informed of your company’s activities and accomplishments.

Red Banyan’s PR consultants know how to build relationships that are more than just requesting legislative action. We also keep track of any mentions nationally or globally of your organization so we have close tabs on your company’s activities and are prepared to address any questions or concerns that arise. We help you build a strategic plan, and teach you how to interact favorably with elected officials and others in government so navigating these waters becomes more familiar and less intimidating.

We also know how to find out which legislators are working on topics relevant to your organization and track their actions so that you know where they stand. We make cover the timing of the legislative process so you can make informed decisions.

Public Relations for Local Government

The public relations experts at Red Banyan will devise a plan for your organization that will highlight issues of concern that affect you and your stakeholders and capture the interest of local officials. Our PR professionals are uniquely qualified to do this because of the personal relationships they have forged with local elected officials, government appointees and others associated with the legislative process.

Our lobbyists will educate key players associated with the issues concerning your organization so your concerns and interests are addressed with a satisfactory result. Our PR consultants know how important relationships with local government leaders can be and will teach you how to locate key players and connect with them so your company’s needs and concerns are in the forefront of their mind before any decisions need to be made.

We will create a plan and help you plan ahead so you know who to contact and when to contact them when an important issue comes up that may need the attention of the local government. Red Banyan’s public relations experts for local government will make sure your organization has the right tools in place to get the best legislative results possible.

Public Affairs vs. Public Relations

Public affairs refers to matters that concern the public directly. Public relations focuses more on a company’s connection to the public and bridges the gap between the public and an organization. Red Banyan’s team of professionals include experts in both areas.

Our public affairs consultants have years of experience lobbying the government on specific legislation and particular policies related to key issues. We know how to provide important information to stakeholders through media engagement or direct contact. We also have expertise in advocacy, consulting and advising. We can teach you how to contact journalists, monitor public policy proceedings and regularly establish contact with political leaders and government regulators. We will also help you retain strong relationships with all company stakeholders.

Our public relations experts know how to build a positive image for your company by generating positive publicity instead of purchasing advertising. We can help you design a marketing campaign, write press releases, manage your social media and conduct market research. Our seasoned professionals can also help you send out pitches to journalists, improve your branding, assist with blogging and writing, author speeches, and launch PR campaigns.

PR for Government Affairs Campaigns

Our PR experts can also provide publicity for government affairs campaigns. Did you know that Red Banyan’s PR efforts can help implement public policy, and assist the news media in covering government activities and events? Our team can also help inform citizens about important activities that will affect lives. We can shape the government’s message so it is more sensitive to the public needs and improve communication in both directions. Our crisis communications experts can also create a backup plan that will help the government mitigate a media attack, a social media meltdown, alleged ethics violations and controversies such as a lack of transparency or apathy toward the public.