PR Crisis Response Training

Do you know what to do when disaster strikes? What is your organization’s plan for handling an unexpected emergency? Do you know what crisis response training is and why it matters? Red Banyan’s crisis management training can prepare your organization for the unexpected and teach you how to disseminate essential messages when time is right. 

Don’t wait until something bad happens and you have to do damage-control PR. Our public relations experts can help you plan for the worst so if circumstances go south, you are ready to go with a plan of action in place. Our crisis response company will help you craft a comprehensive plan that will ensure you are adequately prepared for any scenario so you can focus on what is important and convey the messages you desire.

Responding to a crisis quickly and confidently is important if you want to avoid adverse outcomes. Red Banyan’s crisis PR services will help you be ready for anything so that you have a solid PR plan in place as your foundation. Don’t get caught unprepared.

Crisis Training Your Organization

Do you have a crisis communications plan in place? Our expertise and background in crisis communications is something that every organization needs today, especially in a word fueled by the real time effects of social media. Our crisis management consultants can help you take hold of the narrative and project the image of your company that you want the public to embrace.

Our hands-on guide to crisis response is better than any seminar you could attend. Our crisis consultants will evaluate your risks, determine your weaknesses and help you create a crisis communications plan that will give your organization a solid foundation to rely upon. Crisis training your entire organization is essential, so everyone knows what to do in an emergency.

Are employees allowed to talk to the media, or do you have a single, designated spokesperson to relay your message, so you can be sure the conversations are on point. Organizations that prepare ahead of time fare better in an emergency if they have an established plan to rely upon when the unexpected happens.

What are the Steps in Crisis Management?

A crisis can be anything you didn’t plan for and can spiral out of control if handled poorly. Whether you are dealing with a natural disaster, a social media meltdown or an internal scandal, it is essential your organization knows what to do when the media comes knocking. Not having a plan in place ahead of time can be a crisis in and of itself. Red Banyan’s crisis PR professionals will help you prepare a plan that will provide a road map that will guide you through the stormiest of times, and provide the peace of mind you need to carry on.

Do you know what you would do if your business caught fire in a bad way on social media? Bad news travels fast, so it’s important to get your side of the story out there fast to mitigate any possible damage to your online reputation. Remember, misinformation can spread seemingly at the speed of light so it’s important to act fast. Our online reputation experts can also spot a bad social media scenario and help steer it in a different direction.

Do you know who would speak on behalf of your company if a crisis occurred? Choosing someone on the fly to do that job is never a good idea. Handing the job of company spokesperson also takes preparation and thought. Red Banyan’s crisis communication consultants know what your organization needs to do ahead of a crisis, so you are not caught off guard when something problematic occurs.

What Not to Do in a Crisis

Never, ever lie. Inevitably untruths will haunt your organization and wreak havoc when someone discovers the deception. Our crisis communications consultants will train your employees how to own an error, how to take responsibility for a wrong and how to take the actions needed to help your organization regain its credibility.

Honesty, integrity and trust are qualities that cannot be purchased and ones that are highly valued by consumers. An organization that operates without a crisis PR plan risks damaging an online reputation that may have taken years to establish. And once a reputation is tarnished, it’s previous state is not easily restored.

Red Banyan’s crisis PR services can help your company create a unique plan that will set goals and establish solutions so your organization is never, ever caught off guard. Monitoring your online reputation is important to the future of any organization these days, with the constant threat of social media and the lightning effect it can have on users’ perception of an entity. Our PR consultants will train you how to handle any negative messaging in the quickest way possible so any reputation damage is mitigated right away. Never lash out, offer a “no comment” response or dwell on the situation.

Crisis Response Teams

Red Banyan’s crisis PR services will work with your organization to create a favorable narrative and put a crisis PR plan in place that should minimize harm to your brand’s online reputation and position your organization to begin rebuilding credibility. It’s important to appoint a response time before you need one, so you have a designated group of people to focus on disaster before it occurs. Our PR experts and PR consultants will teach your crisis management team whether they should respond proactively or reactively to media coverage of the emergency. We will also help your organization craft its response, draft a press release if needed, or determine if a wait-and-see position is the most prudent course of action.

We will show your organization how to track what’s being said about the company online so you understand the perception of your audiences and stakeholders. Red Banyan’s consultants can also help spot negative online trends and show you how to dilute them so they don’t become part of the mainstream media. Conducting a post-action review is also suggested, so you can evaluate how well your staff and management handled a situation.

Crisis PR Training

Let our crisis response company prepare your organization ahead of time so you are ready to act when an emergency happens. Planning ahead seems like common sense but so many companies don’t, and when disaster strikes, they are ill-prepared to deal with the fallout. There is no need to go it alone. Our seasoned experts will walk you through the crisis management steps you need to know so you can successfully navigate the landscape when life gets bumpy.

Make sure your crisis communications plan aligns with your organization’s purpose and values, always be truthful and respond with speed. Organizations that have a crisis management plan in place before they need one are more likely to prevail. And remember to always seek input from your employees as well as your stakeholders.

Our PR experts will help you find the best way to keep your employees in the loop and make them feel like they are part of the process. When business leaders are crisis-ready, they can proceed with confidence, peace of mind and direction. An organization with an established crisis communications plan and crisis PR training minimizes risk, sustains trust and maintains business continuity.