PR Services

When you hear the term “public relations,” many people immediately think “advertising,” which can be an expensive way for a company to get out their message. Advertising costs money. A communications PR agency like Red Banyan employs full-service PR consulting professionals who know how to deliberately manage the release of newsworthy information in ways that will interest the news media, resulting in stories that appear on television, in newspapers, magazines and blogs at no cost. This kind of coverage, generated by a communications agency with a focused strategy, is known as “earned” or free media.

Our effective PR service can offer tips and help guide your organization in ways that will capture the attention of the news media. When a PR consultant is able to interest a newspaper, magazine or independent website in a story so that it promotes a company or organization with coverage, that kind of coverage is free.

This is exceptionally valuable because recognition by an outside expert provides third-party validation that is often viewed as more favorable than newspaper space or airtime that was purchased. The thinking is this: if a newspaper or magazine is going to write about your organization, their message must have value. No money is exchanged. On the other hand, a magazine article that is published because a company paid a writer to write the story, is viewed with more suspicion and skepticism.

Public Relations Solutions

How do public relations agencies share an organization’s message or stir the interest of the news media to get organic coverage? A skilled communications agency like Red Banyan uses a variety of tactics to capture the interest of the media while lending credibility to their pitch.

Popular PR techniques include the distribution of professionally written press releases, story pitches which are sent directly to individual journalists, speech writing and online reputation management, which may include social media promotions and responding to negative online opinions.

Did you know that PR consultants can also get your company’s message out using crisis public relations strategies, capturing the attention of popular bloggers and other influencers, and expanding your company’s reach through networking? The communications experts at Red Banyan will also conduct market research and carefully review your organization’s messaging so your company’s online presence is presented in the most favorable light possible.

The talented PR professionals at Red Banyan know how to find the stories that are important and relevant to your company and translate those into positive media stories that will highlight your organization’s strengths. Our crisis PR strategists also know how to formulate the best response and mitigate damage if negative news gets out.

The best and most successful PR professionals, such as the staff at Red Banyan, have established relationships with journalists and know what kinds of stories would stir their interest. Many of the PR experts at Red Banyan are former journalists so they know what makes a good story and what will and will not interest the press. They know how to tamp down negative stories that will take the narrative in the wrong direction.

PR Communication Strategies

Effective publicity has to have a goal, or it won’t produce the results you seek. The PR strategists at Red Banyan know how important it is to find the right angle to present your company’s message.

Our PR experts have the knowledge, experience and media savvy to shape your message in a way that will capture the media’s attention and get your organization the publicity that you want. Advertisements do not have the broad appeal of a news story and target all viewers as sales prospects.

The communications experts at Red Banyan also understand that PR agencies lack full control over how your content will appear in the media, including its precise format, the exact timing or the length of the article. However, our communications experts have established relationships with the media which helps mitigate this area of uncertainty. We communicate regularly with journalists and can convey the angle and value of your organization’s message with a personalized touch. Our established media relationships help ensure a more reliable outcome for your organization’s message.

Red Banyan’s PR experts also know the value of exclusivity. They understand that a new story can’t be repeated like an ad can, and that information that is published in a newspaper as a feature, an editorial or a news article, is generally viewed as having more credibility. Media sources will only publish news stories once, but may publish advertisements verbatim many times.

Our PR consults know it is important to know your audience, organize your outreach activities, think like reporters and do the requisite research. Red Banyan’s PR experts work as a team to create compelling content, research the competition and define your goals and objectives for the best results possible.

List of PR Services

So, what exactly does a PR agency do? What kind of services does Red Banyan provide that will help take your organization’s messaging to the next level? It’s important to understand that no single PR tactic is guaranteed to produce results. For a plan to be successful, there needs to be agreed-upon goals so everyone on the team is working for the same result. Only when that is done can a PR agency like Red Banyan develop the best plan of action possible.

One of the most important strategies is media relations. How does your company engage with the media? Red Banyan’s PR consultants have the contacts and relationships to turn your brand’s messaging into important stories. Our former journalists have the understanding and knowledge of what it takes to make a good story.

Is your company’s messaging on-point? How you communicate matters. Our brand experts will review your messaging and help you define your mission, vision, and goals in an effective and engaging way.

The PR consultants at Red Banyan will review your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, find out what makes you unique, determine your target audience and achieve success for you.