PR During a Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy public relations consultants at Red Banyan understand that a communications plan is the best way to reduce the risk of long-term and far-reaching damage to your organization’s reputation as it weaves its way through bankruptcy proceedings.

Having a pr outreach plan in place before you need one is the best strategy possible to keep stakeholders informed about corporate challenges.

Our insolvency PR experts can guide you through this challenging process and put a corporate PR strategy into place that will assure the best result possible for your organization. Remember, the path to restructuring your company’s finances is a long and slow path that usually takes many twists and turns. Red Banyan’s communications management team knows how to step into action and take charge because we have deep experience handling insolvency public relations and communications.

Our crisis PR experts will provide your company with the support and direction you need during trying times. Our corporate PR consulting service is also familiar with the unsettling news a change in a credit rating can generate. Red Banyan has a strategy to handle such instances and can help shape the company’s message to portray your business in the most favorable light possible.

We understand the various steps of the bankruptcy process and are aware of what triggers can vault news of financial issues into the limelight.

How to Communicate a Bankruptcy

The seasoned communications experts at Red Banyan know that consistent, positive messaging is key to communicating the facts of a bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy public relations professionals will help your organization assemble all the facts and mold them into a narrative that communicates effectively throughout the bankruptcy process.

We know how to make sure that your organization’s position is disseminated and that it is well understood by clients, creditors, reporters and the public. Our PR experts can help you minimize damage through transparency and honesty, which can affect the way a company or issue is perceived. Such actions can have a significant impact on the public opinion and can work in your company’s favor and ensure long-term financial strength.

Our corporate PR team will also help you outline all possible scenarios that could occur, so you are prepared to act quickly and effectively. Are layoffs anticipated and could cash flow be affected? What might the impact be on customers, vendors and third-party partners or creditors? What will be the roles of regulatory agencies and media outlets?

Our bankruptcy public relations consultants will help your organization create a communications strategy that clearly explains the issues and outlines the legal process of bankruptcy so there are no surprises. We work hard to keep communication pathways open and help your organization resist the urge to go silent once bankruptcy has been filed and the situation becomes publicly known.

Bankruptcy Communications Plan

Red Banyan’s bankruptcy experts will devise a personalized strategy that will successfully achieve your organization’s legal and business objectives. We know there are two sides to every story. Rest assured, our crisis communications professionals will make sure that your story is told accurately and effectively during the bankruptcy process, both inside and outside of the courtroom.

Did you know that there are four stages of insolvency communications? Red Banyan’s insolvency PR team will tailor a public relations strategy for each step, so you can proceed with the business of the day with complete peace of mind.

The first step is getting into financial difficulties. We know that when an organization experiences difficulty with its finances, it often undertakes layoffs or closures and rumors begin to spread. Our crisis communications experts will teach you how to navigate these tricky waters with confidence and success.

If your company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, we know how important it is to maintain lines of communication with company employees, who may wonder about the status of benefits, core operations, and jobs. We will help you respond to rumors and clarify truths.

Once your organization creates a reorganization plan, Red Banyan’s bankruptcy public relations team will help you create messaging that focuses on organizational strengths instead of your new financial plan. We will outline a communications strategy that includes positive messaging to customers, vendors and employees.

Once your company is back on its feet financially, our bankruptcy PR consultants will help you show how your company is stronger than ever, and devise ways that demonstrate how you are back. We will also craft personalized messaging that explains to employees and shareholders why the darkest times have passed

Bankruptcy Crisis Management

One thing the insolvency public relations experts at Red Banyan know to be true: expect the unexpected. Our PR professionals will help your organization prepare for the worst so that you are never caught off-guard. Flexibility is important. We also know how important it is to stay on message, and our PR professionals will guide you through this process, from beginning to end.

Red Banyan’s PR consultants understand that bankruptcy is a disruptive and difficult time for both employees and employers. We know that staffing issues and compensation and benefits issues will be front and center. We will help your company inform stakeholders as soon as possible and announce any changes — if they are going to occur – also as soon as possible. Red Banyan’s PR experts understand that secrecy can generate rumors.

Changes can affect everything from workforce size and employee retention to policy revisions, benefits plan changes, collective bargaining agreements and performance management. Our approach to bankruptcy PR includes robust internal and external communications strategy.

When your organization has to file for bankruptcy, its reputation and future are at risk. Red Banyan’s experienced crisis PR experts will help your company devise a strategic communications plan that will help minimize risk and mitigate long- and short-term damage to your organization’s reputation. We will also show you ways to preserve your company’s market value throughout the bankruptcy process.