Every public relations agency claims to do crisis PR. But few have really done it. 

Red Banyan’s crisis communications team handles media relations, messaging strategy, media affairs, interview preparation and content creation. Our crisis management experts identify threats to an organization, determine who is affected and come up with ways to address those threats. We specialize in problem-solving under duress with an aggressive approach to minimizing reputation damage.

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Traditional PR and marketing agencies handle other aspects such as digital marketing, including PPC and display advertising. They promote organizations. Red Banyan champions them.

Here are a few reasons Red Banyan is different:

  1. Our team of senior, battle-tested consultants has decades of experience, which enables us to effectively serve a broad range of industries.
  2. Our work mantra “Press the Truth” is Red Banyan’s modern, proactive, assertive and effective approach to communicating.
  3. When a crisis occurs, Red Banyan’s crisis PR team seizes the initiative, crafts perceptions that become reality, influences public opinion and protects the reputations and bottom lines of our partners.
  4. We solve complex, highly-sensitive and mission-critical challenges.
  5. We contain crises, manage social media meltdowns, build brands and elevate leaders using strategic P.R.
  6. We deliver for companies, law firms, governments, whistleblowers, litigants and individuals.
  7. Our crisis consultants maintain longstanding relationships across the global media community while working at the cutting edge of digital communications.
  8. We deliver the right messages at the right time to those who matter most so the organizations we represent can accomplish their goals.

Because Red Banyan specializes in crisis communications and crisis management, we understand the need for speed. Call us before your emergency spins into a full-blown disaster.