PR for a Recall

No company wants to experience a product recall but when it happens, negative fallout is unavoidable. Weathering a storm like this can be tough, which is why the recall PR experts at Red Banyan are prepared to step into action immediately. Our crisis management consultants understand how important a timely response is and can take matters into hand before they spiral out of control.

Our recall PR experts will devise a product recall communications strategy that will help restore confidence in your brand so you can get back to business. Our crisis PR consultants have the skills and experience to respond to a public relations crisis with a strategic focus that will help mitigate any damage and reshape your organization’s message to be as effective as possible. The professionals at Red Banyan’s crisis communications agency know what to do and when to do it in order to achieve the most favorite result possible.

Our recall PR service will help you quickly resolve a difficult situation and help your company recover fast. We will preserve the company image and reputation you have worked so hard to create, making sure your organization’s reputation emerges strong.

Product Recall Notice

When a product recall occurs, the resulting chaos can be a PR nightmare if the situation isn’t handled correctly from the start. The crisis PR experts at Red Banyan know how important it is to get it right and have decades of experience to draw on.

Our team of PR experts know that candor is extremely important when something goes wrong and public perception can make or break your reputation. Red Banyan’s PR consultants know that openness and honesty is key to getting past any product recall. We know that being consumer-centered is incredibly important and can help you find the best way possible to achieve this. We also realize that messaging in the wake of a product recall must be consistent and show compassion.

Our crisis communications experts know that a company which shows insensitivity for any fallout related to a product recall is doomed to fail. We can help shape your organization’s messaging so that it exudes compassion and resolve, without admitting legal liability. We also know how important it is to be cooperative with the media, so you present the most favorable image possible.

How to Inform Customers About a Product Recall

Is there ever a good way to deliver bad news? It’s never easy but it doesn’t have to be difficult. The PR experts at Red Banyan know how important it is communicate when something goes wrong and will make sure your recall communications are complete, effective and thorough.

We will also make sure you never inadvertently withhold essential information and are credible at all times. Our veteran PR experts will work closely with your legal counsel to protect your reputation and revenues.  We will also help you explain what happened, control the messaging and shape public perception wherever possible. We can guide you on how to write a customer recall notice and how to address an FDA recall.

Red Banyan’s seasoned professionals also know the value of being contrite. It is essential that an organization own up to its mistakes quickly in order to minimize public exposure. This often reduces damage a recall notice might have on a company’s brand. We understand how important it is to issue the recall information using every possible communication platform, with a special focus on social media because of its speed.

Recall Crisis Communications

When something negative occurs, Red Banyan’s recall crisis experts know that it’s essential to accept the reality of the situation. One way or another, the public is going to find out about a recall and hiding information will only make your organization appear shady. The power of social media can make or break your brand.

Our PR experts will help compose a PR driven communications strategy to set the tone for all communications. We will craft a carefully worded recall notice statement that will enhance your brand’s credibility and preserve its reputation. We will help you make the tough decisions related to who to alert about a recall and which customers must receive a notice of product recall.

Our team of social media consultants know how to reach out to customers on social media in ways that will help prevent your public image by reaching people who might otherwise not hear about the recall. A social media campaign through all your social media accounts will be shared widely. It is essential to remember that speed of response is often a key to success.

How to Handle A Product Recall

Be prepared before anything bad happens. It’s the core of disaster planning and it holds true for any kind of product recall. Don’t wait until something hazardous occurs. Crisis communications strategies require planning ahead. Red Banyan will outline a rapid response for product recalls so that you are ready when something goes awry. Our team of PR recall experts will create a recall plan that covers the operational, legal and public relations components of handling a recall.  We also know the court of public opinion can sway the way a brand is viewed and must be kept in mind at all times.

We also know how important it is for an organization to show that action is being taken so that nothing similar will ever occur again. Our PR experts will make sure your message instills confidence in consumers and provides the tone and authority needed to protect your brand’s reputation. However, we also know that companies must demonstrate that their top priority is consumer safety. Red Banyan’s PR recall agency will guide you through this process step-by-step.

Our team of seasoned PR recall professionals will ensure that your product recall communications are timely, informative and transparent.  We will also make sure they acknowledge any limited problems and communicate how business practices will be adjusted to prevent future product defects or inconvenience to customers.