Red Banyan offers interview prep and media coaching based upon our decades of experience with crisis communications and media outreach. Media training is something every business, nonprofit and entrepreneur should consider. Every time you step in from of a camera or sit down with a reporter, your company’s reputation is on the line.

Our team of PR and communications experts have the experience and know-how to help you prepare for an interview or serve as a spokesperson. We will provide tips and tricks that will help you interview with confidence, ace public speaking events and confidently share your side of the story every time.

Our media relations experts will teach you how to work with reporters and recognize the pitfalls to avoid. Our targeted interview training will teach you best practices that will help you stay on-message so that your organization appears in the most favorable light possible.

Because missteps can go viral in the blink of an eye, it is important to learn the proper techniques and tone to convey your organization’s core message. The interviewing training professionals at Red Banyan will make sure you are well-prepared so you can proceed with confidence and authority. The real time impact of social media has elevated the importance of media training because company reputations can be tarnished quickly.

Why Does Media Training Matter?

Being caught off-guard by a reporter can be a jarring experience if you are not ready to answer questions at the drop of a hat. Red Banyan’s media training preparation team understands how intimidating it can be to be the focus of a press interview, especially if you have not done one before.

That’s why our interview training preparation matters so much: someone who is too rattled or is ill-prepared to speak with a reporter might be forfeiting his or her only chance to tell their company’s side of the story. Media interviews provide an opportunity to share your organization’s core message on your terms. Preparation helps you tell those stories from your viewpoint, while steering the narrative in the direction you want it to go.

Knowing how to respond to questions, how to appear relaxed and how to appear confident and in control are all key interview techniques that will help you look like a pro. The key to success is preparation.

Learning how to develop sound bites that resonate with your target audience takes practice. So does answering difficult questions. The saying “practice makes perfect” most definitely applies to interview training. Staying focused and on-point in your messaging is as important as conveying a message filled with purpose.

Best Practices for Media Interviews

When it comes to media interviews, do not ramble. Keep your answers focused, short and sweet. Red Banyan’s media coaches will do mock interviews with you so that you have quippy, memorable sound bites ready to go. If you talk too much or lose your focus, then you will lose your audience.

Listen closely to the interviewer’s questions. If you don’t provide the kind of answer the reporter is seeking, he or she may circle back and ask the same question a different way. Don’t get tripped up. Red Banyan’s interview training professionals will help you formulate answers that are concise and informative, so you don’t accidentally answer the same question two different ways.

Did you know that demeanor and body language count? Be friendly and smile during your interview. Use hand gestures if they come naturally; and aim to be welcoming in your demeanor. If your body language is too formal, then you could come off as hostile or defensive.

Remember that everything is on the record, and fair game for your interview. Also, assume the microphone is always on and watch what you say.

Above all, practice, practice, practice. It is the single most important aspect of interview preparation. If the questions veer off topic, then Red Banyan’s interview training professionals will teach you how to steer the conversation back to your core message.

Interview Training for Television

When it comes to on-camera TV interviews, preparation goes a long way towards success. Television can be unforgiving, so it is best to know what you are going to say before the cameras start to roll. Know your target audience so you are familiar with the news outlet’s viewers. Make sure you speak to their interests to keep your viewers engaged.

Figure out your core messaging ahead of time so you know what you are going to say. Red Banyan’s interview training experts will conduct Q&A sessions with you so you can practice answering before you have an audience.

TV interviews are usually very short, so it is important to have a few key talking points ready to go. Red Banyan’s media relations team will help you compile a list of relevant talking points, so you are well-prepared.

Also, dress to impress. You don’t want to show up for an on-camera interview looking shabby.

Lastly, anticipate the worst. In other words, watch out for the zinger. Red Banyan’s team of former journalists will come up with some hard questions before your interview, so you are ready if they surface during the real interview. Preparation will give you the confidence to answer all questions with confidence.

Why Media Training is Essential

In a world powered by the sound bite, media training can mean the difference between failure and success. The interview training and public speaking experts at Red Banyan will work with your organization’s leaders to prepare them for reporter interviews so they are focused, in control and ready to deliver their core message.

Red Banyan’s interview prep training coaches know how reporters conduct interviews because many of our team members are former members of the press. Our experienced media trainers can provide your team members with the type of insight and perspective that can only come from people who have worked as journalists.

Our unique team of media savvy PR consultants will provide your employees with the tools and tips they need to succeed whenever they are interviewed by the media.