Why is a new “anti-cancel culture” comedy club in Texas making headlines these days? Red Banyan Founder and CEO Evan Nierman discusses the reason in an article in The Hill that explains why the need for such a venue is a worrisome development.

Comedy Mothership, opened by podcasting icon Joe Rogan, is attracting sellout crowds. Nierman reminds readers in the article that comedy is about taking risks and about poking fun at others and ourselves but too many people these days are quick to anger about almost anything.

Rogan opened the club in Austin to provide a safe place where comedians could perform without the fear of offending.  Rogan himself is no stranger to cancel culture. He came under heavy fire in 2022 for a multitude of controversial takes, but weathered the movement to cancel his Spotify podcast.

After addressing the controversy head-on and refusing to be canceled, his subscribership increased by over 2 million listeners.

Read the entire article in The Hill here.