Red Banyan Founder and CEO Evan Nierman, a crisis PR expert and go-to source for the media, explains in a recent Vanity Fair article why the Royals cannot afford to be silent when the rumor mill begins to churn.

Evan is the co-author of The Cancel Culture Curse: From Rage to Redemption in a World Gone Mad, now available on Amazon.

“It used to be that you could afford to stay out of the discussion,” Evan told Vanity Fair. “You could listen but not comment, you would just keep your head down, your nose clean, and eventually it would all just go past. Now if you do that, you’re going to get clobbered by the people who are telling a narrative that runs counter to what you want out there.”

Evan is regularly quoted in the national media due to his expertise in public relations, crisis PR, strategic communications and cancel culture.

The Vanity Fair article, entitled “The Court of King Charles Needs a PR Strategy for the Modern Era,” focuses on the royal family’s need to adjust their PR strategies to a changing world that demands more and expects more.

The Royals’ maxim of self-conduct “never complain, never explain,” and “never apologize,” may need to change with the times, the article noted.

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