Cancel culture expert Evan Nierman, the CEO of the global PR firm Red Banyan, discussed the power of comedians and their ability to shape public perceptions in a Newsweek article entitled, “When Comedians Become Cult Leaders.”

“Comedians enjoy an elevated status because they are often seen as wise figures with special insights into the society in which they participate,” Evan told Newsweek. “Many times, their jokes are tied directly to the culture of the day, which makes us feel like they understand us on a deeper level. In effect, comedians force us to look in the mirror and laugh at ourselves whether we want to or not, often facing down ugliness and hard truths.”

As for how this has led to a level of worship among factions of comedy fans, Evan, author of The Cancel Culture Curse, explained in the article that “people with elevated status have the ability to shape public perceptions on a grand scale. This is amplified by the range and reach of mass media and social media, which can deliver messages globally in mere seconds.

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