Red Banyan CEO and FounderĀ Evan Nierman, co-author of The Cancel Culture Curse: From Rage to Redemption in a World Gone Mad, recently spoke with the DeseretNews about the phenomenon of cancel culture, explaining why the practice of silencing those with opposing views has become so prevalent.

In a lengthy Q&A, Evan compares cancel culture to a modern day witch hunt, and noted that there is a misconception that it is mainly conservatives decrying cancel culture. He explains that cancel culture is concerning because ordinary Americans who are targeted by online mobs do not have the same resources to fight back as celebrities and politicians.

Evan tells the DeseretNews that he defines cancel culture as being comprised of six core elements in the acronym CANDEM: ‘Crime’ committed against a collective; arises and accelerates quickly; nature of the offense is trivial or fabricated; disproportionate response; everyone afraid to get involved; and moral absolutism by those doing the canceling.

Evan notes that people do things online that they would never do in real life because they can remain anonymous. He also points out that social media is a great equalizer that provides everyone with the same communication tools to reach a global audience, no matter their background.

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