The release of a digitally altered photo of the Princess of Wales — missing from the public eye since abdominal surgery two months ago – has turned into a PR nightmare for the royals.

In an op-ed in the Washington Examiner, Red Banyan Founder and CEO Evan Nierman explains what the royals could do tamp down the controversy.

“They should release new pictures of the princess that are demonstrably real and have not been altered in any way. The photos would show that Kate is alive, well, and in good health,” Evan wrote in the op-ed. “They could also stage a controlled public appearance at a charity event or a school visit. The professional photographers invited to capture the occasion would snap their own pictures, so there would be no ensuing claims of manipulation.”

Evan added:

“That the royal family would share a digitally altered photo of Catherine at a time when speculation about her health is at an all-time fever pitch is truly mystifying. Especially when their every action is analyzed and evaluated by an informed public who was sure to uncover any alterations made to a publicly issued photo,” Evan noted.

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