Cancel culture expert Evan Nierman discussed in an American Bar Association Journal article the fallout from a law school graduate’s speech that criticized Israel and law enforcement.

A May commencement speech given by a City University of New York School of Law graduate was met with applause. But by the end of the month, she was on the cover of the New York Post with a headline that read: “Stark raving grad.”

Nierman, who co-wrote The Cancel Culture Curse: From Rage to Redemption in a World Gone Mad. According to Nierman, cancel culture thrives on people who want to create controversy and get more likes and shares on social media which is probably why the student was targeted.

“It’s one thing for a story to be making the rounds on Twitter. But when a student hits the front page of the New York Post, it shows that for all the people who say that the mainstream press is dead, it’s not,” said Nierman, the founder and CEO of the crisis PR company Red Banyan.

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