Public Relations & Graphic Design

Did you know that public relations and graphic design are not mutually exclusive? The PR professionals at Red Banyan have joined forces with a talented team of graphic design experts to bring you the best of both worlds.

We offer media relations and PR with both words and visuals, for a compelling result that ensures our clients receive creative and thoughtfully executed deliverables on-time and on-point.

Red Banyan’s specialized communications consulting firm offers a combination of sophisticated traditional PR services in combination with the skills of a graphic designer who has the unique ability to translate a client’s vision into reality.

We are a one-stop shop that can provide your PR and communications needs from A to Z. Our talented professionals can pair words with imagery creating a powerful message that will deliver your message with a one-two punch that is both lasting and memorable.

We know that social media platforms are visually focused and graphic design has become a new way of presenting important information. Sharing a story using words will always be essential, but on many platforms it requires even more to get noticed. Graphics enable us to share your story quickly and give us a chance to take advantage of platforms that didn’t lend themselves as easily to words only.

Our PR agency won’t just tell people about your brand. We will show them what it is like to be part of it, through words, social media posts and integrated graphic design. Our PR services can engage your audience with images that will resonate.

What Exactly Is PR Graphic Designing?

So, what exactly is PR graphic design? By definition, graphic designing is a craft where PR experts create visual content to convey messages. Through visual layout and other techniques, graphic designers create visual pictures using typography and images to meet a client’s needs and make a user’s experience as compelling as possible.

The graphic design professionals at Red Banyan know how to showcase your brand and make it stand out from all others using unique visuals that, combined with words, will ensure your message makes a powerful statement. Our graphic design experts can help elevate your company’s messages so they communicate your organization’s brand using design, communications and technology.

Our team of experienced graphic design professions are trained in website coding and design, video and page editing programs and photography and animation. Combined with the skills of our seasoned writers, the result is pure magic.

Our graphic design team will plan your company’s graphic design needs by studying your brand and goals, reviewing all your PR materials and comparing them with the competition. We will illustrate various concepts by designing layouts of images, art and copy to the very detail of typeface, type size and style so the end product reflects the image and feel that you want your company to convey. Our graphic design experts can design postcards and flyers, newspaper ads, infographics for social media, vehicle wraps, posters, banners and billboards, signage for trade shows and email marketing templates.

Visual Communications

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it is true. Conveying a message using a combination of visual images and compelling copy is the best way to leave a lasting impression that will get you measurable results.

The graphic designers at Red Banyan understand the magic of this important combination and can create effective PR campaigns for your organization that will cement clients and enhance your image. Our experts use visual compositions to resolve problems and share ideas through imagery, color, form and typography.

Our design experts can create logos and use typography, color palettes and image libraries to capture a brand’s personality. We have excellent conceptual and creative skills, a passion for researching the competition, and a solid understanding of trends. We will work to understand your target audience’s decision-making process so we can better engage that market based on their wants, needs and awareness.

 Visual designs can evoke the kind of emotional reaction in an audience that words alone cannot. That is why the combination of words and graphics offered by the professionals at Red Banyan is much more effective than the competition. Our graphic design experts use shape, tone, color, form, point, type, line and texture to tell stories.

It’s important to realize that in the age of social media and information at a glance, visual communication has become even more important as a means of sharing information with people.

Graphic Design Online

Did you know that a good or bad design can make or break a PR campaign? Quality graphic design can help an organization promote itself and communicate more effectively. The PR experts at Red Banyan understand a simple concept: Good graphic design makes you look good. Which is why our communications agency offers full service graphic design services that can enhance your company’s online image and get the results you desire.

Our graphic designers are visual communicators who create visual concepts by hand or using computer software. Our visual designers can translate a campaign and communication strategy into a multi-tiered system that is more effective than words alone. Our graphics design team will convey your company’s message clearly and effectively in a way that will draw in customers and keep them engaged. Quality, relevant visuals can make your campaign more memorable and impactful.

Graphic design can be used by any type of industry to convey complicated information in a way that is simple to understand, direct and clear. The graphic design team at Red Banyan can help your organization create an individual style, establish its own town and differentiate it from its competitors. Red Banyan’s graphic designers will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Our graphic design service will work to connect your branding, messaging, and communication channels in a strategic and consistent way.