Prepare Your Data Breach Communications Plan

Data breach. The very words can instill panic. But like it or not, data breach emergencies happen. Red Banyan’s crisis communications professionals can help your organization prepare for the worst so that if something bad happens, you aren’t caught off guard. Do you know how you will inform the parties that are affected once you find out what happened? How will you get the message out?

Our crisis PR team has the experience and knowledge to help establish protocols that you can take to minimize the impact of a data breach, while at the same time working with your legal counsel to properly fulfill all requirements.

Our data breach communications experts can walk you through the process so you are prepared, should a worse-case scenario occur. When a data breach takes place, your organization will have to address the issue on your website and possibly also in the media. Red Banyan’s crisis PR team has the experience and skills to guide you through these murky waters.

How to Effectively Communicate Bad News

What do you do when something goes wrong? How do you get the message out and what do you say? Red Banyan’s communications experts will help your organization develop a comprehensive action plan so if you experience a data breach, you will know how to handle it quickly and efficiently so you can minimize your organization’s risk and get business back on track.

Red Banyan’s PR experts will help you craft an official statement about the data breach to place on your website and if needed, a response that can also be presented to the media. Our data breach PR consultants will prepare and guide you through a process that will ensure that your organization’s communications are honest and clear, easy-to-understand and relay to your customers or clients that you understand the gravity of the situation and are taking the data breach very seriously.

We will help you focus on your customer/client relationships and find ways you can improve this connection. Red Banyan’s communications consultants will also help you proactively provide answers to potential questions so that your organization is ready to help immediately.

Data Breach Strategy

Your response to an emergency situation will shape your customers’ assessment of your organization’s integrity so it’s important to be honest from the start. Of course, that may seem daunting when it comes to a data breach, but the goal is to meet your legal responsibilities while also maintaining customer confidence. Your organization’s integrity is at stake, so it’s important to get things correct from the start.

First of all, establish the facts. Find out exactly what happened so you can explain it clearly to everyone with an interest. Red Banyan’s security communications experts can guide you through this process and make sure you maintain your integrity and the trust of your consumers. 

Secondly, communicate swiftly, accurately, and directly with your clients so they know what happened and what you are doing to mitigate the situation. Do you already have a data breach crisis communications plan checklist? If not, then we will help you create one, so you are ready in case of emergency. Our communications experts will also help you prepare an official statement for your website, and also the media if warranted.

No one wants to experience a data breach, and no one wants to be a bad example. Red Banyan’s social media experts have years of experience and will monitor all your social media platforms to help you keep track of any relevant conversations that could affect your organization’s reputation. Finally, we will make sure your response to a data breach includes a follow up plan encompassing regular updates and scripted responses. Red Banyan can help you create an effective strategy so you are prepared, no matter what the crisis.

Be Transparent and Honest

Data breaches can occur just about anywhere, and the effects can be far-reaching. Organizations that experience a data breach run the risk of suffering both financially and also in how they are viewed by their customers. An organization that is not forthcoming about what happened leaves customers to learn of the data breach in the media, which can cause a break in trust that is difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to repair. Red Banyan’s PR professionals will help guide your organization through the recovery process so your customers are confident with the course you are taking.

Honesty and transparency are incredibly important throughout the entire process, so the affected parties know what happened and what is being done to remedy the situation. The old saying, “honesty is the best policy” is a good example of what organizations should look to do in time of crisis. The truth always comes out and savvy customers will turn elsewhere if they feel like they are being misled. You may be awarded with trust and respect if you show your customer base that you will stand up for what is right. Red Banyan’s communications experts will help you devise the appropriate response so your customers hear about it from you first, instead of in the media.

Cybersecurity Communications

After a data breach occurs you need to inform your customers in a timely manner. Red Banyan’s crisis communications experts can help your organization evaluate the situation and come up with the best plan possible to relay relevant details about what happened. Our seasoned crisis communication consultants know what information you need to convey and will help you determine the best way to do it.

Have you determined what data was breached, who was affected, and whether the security hole has been patched? Are law enforcement agencies involved? All these details will be part of the cybersecurity communications that Red Banyan’s communications experts will help you share with your customer base. Honesty, transparency and a thorough understanding of what happened and how the issue is being remedied is of utmost importance. Handling a cybersecurity breach is not just an IT matter. It is a business matter, which is why it is important to have Red Banyan’s crisis communications experts on-hand to assist.

Cybersecurity Crisis Management

Do you have a monitoring plan in place so that you know when a data breach occurs? Notifying customers of a data breach is only possible when systems are in place to alert you of a breach. Red Banyan’s crisis management experts can help guide your organization to the right service provides who can secure your IT infrastructure and records.

Our crisis management team can help educate your organization about what it needs so you can select appropriate software to alert you when a problem occurs. By keeping your customers in the loop, they will know that you have their best interests at heart and are working diligently to proactively protect their data and keep their personal information safe.

Our Crisis Management Team Can Help

A well-planned and thorough response to a company-wide data breach can make or break a business. Red Banyan’s experienced crisis PR team is essential for handling adverse circumstances successfully. Our team of expert consultants will prepare your organization for any possible crisis and make sure you have a plan that will give you the positive results you need. We will create a plan that works. 

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