Content is king, and although Bill Gates famously declared this back in 1996, content still plays a critical element in today’s marketing and PR strategies. In the age of social media, companies and organizations face an ever-increasing demand to create unique, high-quality content to engage their stakeholders, grow their audiences and increase their bottom line. However, creating large amounts of content on a daily or weekly basis can often be overwhelming for most businesses who are not soliciting the help from a professional PR or marketing agencies. Fortunately, companies can maximize the effectiveness of their existing content by repurposing it in new and creative ways. The following tips will not only give a second life to your older blogs, but also help you target new audiences across the social media spectrum.

1.Turn your blogs into infographics
One of the best and most creative ways you can repurpose your existing blogs is to turn them intohelpful infographics. To do that, identify the key information points of your blog post, and lay them out in a creative and visually appealing order, using one of the many free infographic tools available online (i.e. Canva). You could then share your infographics with your followers on Pinterest and other social media platforms.

2.Create image posts for Facebook and Instagram
Sift through your blog posts for interesting and insightful quotes and turn them into image posts for Facebook and Instagram, which you could link off to the original article. This will not only provide you with fresh content to share on social media, but also draw additional traffic to your website.

3. Optimize for Mobile
Did you know that 3.26 billion social media users access their favorite social channels via their mobile devices? With more and more consumers using their mobile devices to access various social media platforms, content optimization is essential. For the on-the-go consumers, website content should also be optimized to meet consumer standards and needs. Mobile friendly content is the key to happy consumers.

These are just three of the many different ways your brand could leverage its existing content on a variety of social media platforms. Feel free to share your thoughts and let us know how you get the most out of your blog posts in the comments section.