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Litigation PR professionals can increase a law firm’s visibility with its target audience by developing a strategic communications plan that maps out the benefits of public relations for attorneys.

Legal PR is a tool that lawyers can use to put pressure on the other side, as well as garner media attention by highlight elements of case. Red Banyan’s media relations team has experience working with law firms and will outline a legal PR strategy that will get you the results you seek and place your organization in the best light possible.

Red Banyan’s legal PR firm specializes in attorney public relations. Our staff of public relations professionals is ready to protect all aspects of your brand so that your company’s hard-won reputation remains untarnished.

Our team of crisis PR litigation experts have experience with law firms of all sizes, with a focus on clients’ crisis communications support. Savvy law firms understand the value of public relations for attorneys and the benefit the crisis communications and public relations professionals can provide for their law practices.

Our PR consultants understand the complexities of working with attorneys and have extensive experience working collaboratively with counsel to achieve the most effective result possible. Red Banyan’s law firm litigation experts will work closely with your team to get you the result you desire.


Law firms that are evaluating the benefits of working with a strategic communications PR firm should consider the value of collaborating with media relations experts. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Does your law firm have experience and expertise working with the press?
  • Do you know how to pitch stories to reporters and arrange media coverage?
  • Does your litigation team feel comfortable proactively sharing a client’s story with the media or the public?
  • Is there someone at your firm that can compile stories from witness accounts?
  • Are you able to create your own messaging?
  • Are you able to write and disseminate your own press releases?
  • Do you have the bandwidth to identify key audiences that impact the case, such as courts, media, affected communities and law enforcement?

Public relations for attorneys includes all these points and more. Red Banyan’s PR experts can frame complex stories in laymen’s terms because our team members have the experience and know-how to explain the particulars of a case in easy-to-understand words.

Legal public relations professionals can also use public relations to shine a light on cases that are being overlooked. Red Banyan’s team members also understand that public relations for attorneys requires strict guidelines that requires complete cooperation with the attorneys.

Our team of legal PR professionals know that public relations for attorneys only works if trust, transparency and joint communications with counsel are an integral part of the process.


Public relations for attorneys can provide communications expertise and savvy that lawyers who rarely work with reporters may not have. Many of the PR professionals at Red Banyan are former reporters who understand what the media makes a story and understand what reporters need to tell that tale.

Strategic communications experts also understand the value of shaping the narrative as well as the problems that can occur by handing that control over to another party. Red Banyan’s crisis PR professionals know that it is easier to tell your own story in your own way instead of having to respond to another party’s version of the facts.

The communications experts at Red Banyan are seasoned professionals who have years of experience working with the press and know what it takes to get you the attention that you seek.

Attorneys’ expertise lies in the court of legal opinion, while PR professionals know how to influence the court of public opinion. Both can be important when it comes to final outcomes that give the best results.

Legal PR melds strategic communications with the law to provide a cohesive outcome that brings results. Both prosecutors and defense attorneys can benefit from legal public relations.


Attorneys should care about strategic communications for law firms because attorneys regularly deal with communications issues regarding litigation, both on the prosecutorial side as well as the defense side.

Lawyer public relations is an effective way to garner media attention and focus attention on the merits of a case that are being overlooked. Red Banyan’s team of media relations and media outreach specialists have established relationships with the media and know how to stir interest in a case.

PR for law firms can be a game-changer when it comes to the court of public opinion. Red Banyan’s strategic communications professionals know how to take control of a narrative and tell a story in way that benefits the client in the most significant way.

Frequently Asked PR Questions for Lawyers:

  • What is public relations for a law firm?
  • A pr law firm for attorneys will manage the reputation of your law practice and most prominent attorneys. Choosing the right public relations firm for your law practice is crucial. It’ important to select an agency with legal experience and with crisis management experience. Legal matters are delicate and require confidentiality, prompt discernment, and strategic communications. A pr agency for attorneys should ensure your law firm is positioned in the best possible light, with proper management of your owned, earned, and paid communications.
  • What does PR mean for attorney?
  • Public relations for legal matters is quite different from other types of public relations. Legal PR is not marketing or advertising — it’s a strategic communication that enhances the position of your law firm, while paying meticulous attention to your clients and the various complicated matters that are at play.
  • Do law firms have PR?
  • Top firms work with public relations firms and legal pr agencies to help promote their legal cases and legal expertise. Increasingly, smaller law firms are also working with public relations partners to expand their visibility, tout their accolades, and attract new clients, while retaining the attention, admiration, and work referrals of past clients.
To learn more about public relations for attorneys, contact Red Banyan’s team of strategic communications and legal PR experts to learn more about how PR for law firms can take your firm to the next level.


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