Litigation or PR or legal case PR is the management of communications when a legal dispute is in progress that could affect the outcome of a client’s reputation. Legal PR differs from traditional public relations because it is tied to supporting one or more parties in a legal dispute instead of more generic profile raising.

The legal public relations professionals at Red Banyan specialize in law firm PR and understand the complexities that come with representing a party to a lawsuit, arbitration or other legal proceeding. We understand that a client’s interests are likely to extend beyond the particulars of a lawsuit and that their reputation can be damaged in ways that reach much further than the courtroom related to a single matter.

Our legal public relations consultants can devise a comprehensive legal communications strategy that will help protect the client’s reputation and give them options they might otherwise not have on hand.

It’s important to consider how problematic a court case can get when deciding whether to hire legal PR experts. Red Banyan’s public relations law experts will make sure your side of the story gets the attention it deserves so you have the best chance of resolving the case with minimal short-term or long-term impacts to your reputation. We are typically retained by in-house counsel or the law firm representing the client.

Why Do Legal Firms Need PR

Let’s face it. Court cases can get ugly and the long-term effect on an individual’s reputation can be devastating. Red Banyan’s law firm reputation protection consultants will provide you with an advantage others firms simply cannot. Our seasoned professionals know how to work with news outlets when your lawyer is busy with the specifics of your case. Our PR team has existing connections with the media and understands what makes a compelling story because many of our staffers are former journalists. We know how to get the word out when it counts.

We also know the value of having a news outlet highlight important facts to help shape the narrative surrounding your case. Our legal public relations team has extensive media outreach training and knows how to capture the attention of reporters. And because we work side-by-side with your lawyers, the end result is more impactful, more significant and more likely to produce the outcome you desire.

Legal PR Best Practices

Law firms hire us when they need help getting their client’s story out during a legal dispute. Litigators and public relations are both professionals when it comes to the art of persuasion, but Red Banyan’s communications team is different from your lawyers: we protect all aspects of your hard-won reputation during the legal process.

We work with the media when your lawyers are focusing on your case. And we know how to restore the reputation of someone who has been wrongly disparaged. We also regularly expose bad actors who cause problems.

We work closely with your legal team, understanding how critical it can be for us to establish trust and close relationships with your counsel. Red Banyan’s PR experts will formulate a plan to increase your visibility among your target audience and help you stand out in a way that will favorably highlight you and your side of the story.

Custom Public Relations Campaigns

Red Banyan’s legal public relations experts have extensive experience generating publicity to help build a positive public image. Our legal marketing consultants can draft custom press releases, handle your social media accounts, conduct market research and devise marketing campaigns.

We will also send out pitches to reporters, place thought leadership articles and provide content for bloggers. The former journalists on Red Banyan’s team of legal PR experts leverage their personal knowledge of the news industry to get our clients the best exposure possible. Our varied backgrounds provide our clients with a complete spectrum of services.

Our litigation PR team contains crises, manages social media meltdowns, builds brands and elevates leaders using strategic public relations. We will track your mentions in the news, help find new publicity opportunities with new venues and regularly contact the media when your case generates something newsworthy. Our online reputation management professionals will also watch for all negative mentions and address them quickly so you can maintain control of your online reputation at all times.

Experts in Legal PR

Our legal public relations team works closely with law firms every day. Our litigation PR experts are often called in for PR support and are privy to case details so that we can figure out the best way to achieve the best result.

We succeed by pressing the truth. Our legal PR experts may use media relations outreach to obtain news coverage and expose bad actors. We might also chase down online attacks and work tirelessly to suppress negative content by highlighting your side of the story, and focusing on your strengths.

We know that a frivolous lawsuit containing lies and misinformation can be incredibly damaging if the media reports on the complaint. Misleading and inaccurate press releases can also cause harm if they are picked up by the news media or published online. Our legal PR professionals know how to address these situations quickly and make sure your side of the story gets equal press.

Types of Legal Firm PR Services

Red Banyan’s lawyer PR professionals cover a wide range of situations and players.

Our legal public relations experts can react quickly to an adverse situation, assess the risks and devise a strategic communications plan that will address the issues head-on.

We know how to counteract negative publicity so the long-term result causes limited reputation damage. We will make sure your side of the story is told fairly and gets the attention it merits. Our litigation PR consultants know how to make a client’s viewpoint known by shaping the narrative in a way that showcases the most favorable profile possible.

Because so many members of our legal communications team are former reporters, we are skilled at obtaining media coverage and know how to ensure that ensuing news stories are balanced and fair. Our years of experience working with law firms will make sure you get the best results possible and give you a fighting chance in what can be a hostile and fraught legal and media environment.