Be Proactive

When a PR crisis occurs, it’s easy to get rattled. After all, no one likes it when things go wrong. That’s why Red Banyan’s crisis management team will make sure that your organization is prepared for every kind of social media crisis possible. We know that your reputation is at stake and our seasoned public relations experts know how to handle any scenario that may arise.

Our PR consultants are skilled at social media listening and will monitor all your company’s social media channels so we can be on the lookout for any negative posts, reviews or comments. Being proactive and looking for potential problems before they spiral out of control is one of the best ways to remain in control of your narrative and protect your brand.

Our crisis communication professionals will tailor a plan so you’re never caught off guard if something unexpected occurs. Red Banyan’s crisis management experts will coach you ahead of time and provide instruction for how to preserve your organization’s good name and hard-won reputation

Create a Social Media Policy

Does your company have a social media policy and if so, what does it entail? Do you respond to public comments and reviews? It’s important to engage with the people who voice their thoughts about your brand, whether their comments are positive or negative.

A social media policy can make a difference if you want to keep a handle on what’s being posted about your brand, keep track of when your organization responds and also keep tabs on what’s being said online. When someone posts a review, does your company acknowledge the comments?

Our crisis management experts will teach you how to craft a focused social media strategy that will take your credibility to the next level, increase your followers and show you how to respond to negative posts.

Red Banyan’s best practices include social media monitoring. Our process includes teaching you to create memorable content that will push out the engaging image you seek to portray. Our PR consultants will also determine what topics are trending so your organization can make sure its social media profile and conversation is current and on point.

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management (ORM) is a phrase we hear a lot, but do you really understand what it means? By definition, it’s the effort to influence what and how people think of a brand or person when viewed online. Managing this online reputation is important, because virtual encounters with a business or brand have replaced the traditional in-person experiences in many ways.

Online crisis management is equally essential, because when things spin out of control on the internet, a minor problem can morph into an online scandal if you don’t address the issues right away. Red Banyan’s crisis communications team knows what is necessary to calm a social media storm and keep the narrative aimed in the direction you need it to be headed.

Red Banyan’s personal reputation management experts know that a positive online profile can attract opportunity, just as a negative one can do the opposite, whether it is a true representation or not. Our experienced crisis management experts know that a positive online encounter is necessary to keep clients coming back. We understand how crucial it can be to nip a problem in the bud before it causes long-term damage online.

Social media is a valuable tool that can elevate your organization’s profile, grow your audience and spotlight your brand. But if it’s not managed properly, it can quickly become the catalyst for wide ranging problems that are difficult to put back in the box. Our crisis management strategy will address this phenomenon so you are never caught unaware.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Do you have a crisis communications checklist? Red Banyan’s crisis communications experts will make sure you are ready to respond if a problem pops up. No one wants to experience a social media disaster and no one wants to be a bad example. Our crisis communications experts know exactly what to do when the going gets tough.

Our team of professionals has decades of experience handling everything from the mild to the wild. Rest assured, Red Banyan’s public relations experts will have your back at all times. Need help creating a to-do list? Our crisis communications team will set one up for you so you are prepared in any emergency. Red Banyan’s crisis communications experts will make sure you outline everything important ahead of time so you can maintain your reputation and make sure consumer confidence is unshaken.

Our crisis management professionals know how to handle unpredictable situations and will keep tabs on all your social media platforms so you don’t miss any negative comments that could be detrimental to your organization’s brand. If a crisis ensures, we will also help you reach out to clients so they understand what happened and what you are doing to address the circumstances. If necessary, we will also prepare and send out media statements to clarify your organization’s position.

What to Do Before Posting to Social Media

Red Banyan’s PR team will help you improve your social media engagement across all platforms and deliver results that will elevate your online profile. Our PR professionals will create a social media crisis plan, study your analytics and examine your social media data so we have a thorough grasp of your online profile. We will create tailored alerts so you will know quickly if something negative about your brand is posted online.

Our crisis communications professionals will also audit your social media accounts so we can figure out the most effective way for you to engage your target audience. We will sift through your social media profile, flag anything that’s risky, and determine if you have a varied mix that will help you achieve your goals.

Confused about the best way to engage followers? Red Banyan’s social media and crisis communications consultants will map out the most effective route for capturing the broadest range of interest. Our experts will aim your organization in the right direction and teach you the do’s and don’ts of social media so you have the best chance for online success.

Secure and Update Account Logins and Passwords

A data breach is something no one wants to deal with, and if you’re running a business or in charge of an organization, you need to make sure your online profile is secure. Red Banyan’s data breach crisis communications team is trained to help your organization prepare for a worst case scenario.

We will help you establish protocols to minimize the impact of a data breach with a data breach PR plan, and teach you how to inform any parties that are affected once you determine how the breach occurred. Most of all, you don’t want an online hacking incident to grow into an online crisis management issue.

Our experts will teach you how to safeguard your online accounts, keep passwords safe and do everything possible to minimize your organization’s risk. You can be confident that Red Banyan’s crisis management expertise will ensure your organization’s exposure is at a minimum.