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Those in search of a Louisiana PR agency and Louisiana crisis PR firm need not look beyond Red Banyan.  The top Louisiana PR firm specializes in crisis management, strategic communications, media relations and media outreach, online reputation rehabilitation, “cancel culture” and celebrity PR.

Our team of seasoned Louisiana PR and crisis communications professionals have done extensive work in the Sportsman’s Paradise and can assist with all types of scenarios ranging from traditional public relations to emergency response communications and social media.

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Red Banyan’s connections to Louisiana run deeper than just being a top PR firm in Louisiana.  CEO Evan Nierman was born in Shreveport and spent his first 18 years living there. Through the decades, Red Banyan has developed deep networks of work contacts, friends, and family throughout the state, which have helped anchor Red Banyan firmly in the culture, facilitating the agency’s effectiveness.

Red Banyan’s Louisiana communications experts include seasoned PR professionals and former journalists who know how reporters think, understand the most effective way to pitch stories, and enjoy established relationships with the press.

Red Banyan’s Louisiana strategic communications work sets it apart.  Our team members have worked with a wide variety of crisis and public relations clients in cities across the state.

Our Louisiana PR experts are trained to address complicated issues with speed and professionalism to ensure the desired outcomes you seek. We know how important it is to take control of narratives and shape stories in the press.

Red Banyan’s veteran Louisiana crisis communications experts collaborate with each other to ensure the best possible results at all times. Our motto “Press the Truth” is the driving force behind our facts-based LA PR services.

Red Banyan’s results-driven work ethic is what defines our uncompromising commitment to our clients and sets our crisis and public relations agency apart from other PR firms in Louisiana. Our big-picture response includes everything from social media and media relations to crisis PR and online reputation rehabilitation. We address an issue from all sides possible.

Our Louisiana Public Relations Services

Red Banyan’s team of Louisiana PR professionals have assisted PR and crisis communications clients in New Orleans and other cities across the state, including Shreveport, Baton Rouge, Monroe, Ville Platte and other cities and towns where people have searched for top Louisiana PR firms. 

Our strategic communications experts have experience with Louisiana clients ranging from lawyers and lawmakers to business owners, educators and physicians.

Our PR and strategic communications work has involved ongoing collaboration with Louisiana lawmakers from the state and federal level, as well as with local mayors and city council members. We understand Louisiana government and have extensive experience handling government concerns.

Red Banyan has a keen understanding of Louisiana crisis PR and New Orleans public relations because of previous work done in the state. Our crisis communications team has the expertise, know-how and tireless focus to help your organization through any disaster or emergency, either virtual or personal, so you get the best outcome possible.

Our Louisiana crisis communications experts can help you prepare for the worst so you are ready for anything and can react with speed and efficiency.

New Orleans and Louisiana Media Relations Expertise

Red Banyan’s team of Louisiana media relations experts has extensive press relationships across the state, including some of the leading on-air television personalities in New Orleans and respected journalists at newspapers all across the state.

Our media relations team has successfully pitched stories to the Louisiana media and secured positive media coverage for our clients in the mainstream press, including The Shreveport Times, The New Orleans Times Picayune and various television stations in major media markets in Louisiana, including Shreveport, Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

The coverage we facilitated has included feature pieces on individuals that highlighted their contributions to society, as well as educational pieces on the Holocaust teaching the next generation about the horrors of World War II and how to prevent genocide in the future.

Our team of Louisiana media outreach experts has also been involved in several projects related to a spectrum of human-interest stories, including shining a spotlight on individuals who dedicated themselves to nonprofit organizations. We have also conducted PR related to sickle cell patients and cancer survivors, their support systems and mental health services.

Our Louisiana Strategic PR Services

Louisiana Crisis Communications Firm

Red Banyan’s Louisiana crisis communications experience is extensive. In one instance, Red Banyan’s team of PR professionals helped secure justice for an individual who had been treated unfairly by an employer in the Big Easy.

Red Banyan’s team of media relations and government PR experts reached out to members of the local and state government and shaped media coverage to help achieve justice. The case shined a light on unethical business practices by a bad actor who had not been operating in a professional and transparent manner.

In a separate Louisiana public relations project, Red Banyan’s team was called upon to provide analysis related to environmental disasters in the wake of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico off of Louisiana’s coast.

In that instance, more than 200 million gallons of crude oil was pumped into the Gulf of Mexico for a total of 87 days, making it the biggest oil spill in U.S. history. Red Banyan’s team of crisis PR professionals provided perspective and crisis PR advice.

Red Banyan has also provided guidance to a large, well-known Louisiana educational institution that was facing a series of unfounded and untrue allegations. Working quietly behind the scenes with counsel and senior members of the school administration, Red Banyan devised a plan to set the record straight, combat misinformation and help the school avoid making further missteps. Thanks to Louisiana PR consulting, the client’s reputation was protected, rather than being tarnished.

Red Banyan Crisis Communications and PR

Red Banyan’s Louisiana team of crisis communications and PR experts have the experience, skills, know-how and familiarity with crisis PR and traditional PR to handle crises or get your organization the positive publicity it seeks.

Our Louisiana PR professionals include veteran public relations professionals who will fulfill your expectations above and beyond what you ever anticipated. Our impactful results in Louisiana have formed a foundation for long-lasting relationships with clients who come to use to solve problems.

If you are a company in Louisiana in need of Louisiana public relations or Louisiana crisis PR, then reach out to find out what our team of experts can do for you.

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