Global Crisis PR Firm Helps Boston Companies Navigate Challenges

Red Banyan is a crisis PR agency in Boston that specializes in strategic communications, media relations crisis management and litigation PR. Our team of crisis communications experts in Boston has the experience, knowledge and media savvy to help organizations correct misinformation and publicly share the narrative that best represents their brand.

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Our crisis communications consultants in Boston know what it takes to get results, guiding clients in the direction they need to take. Our team of crisis management experts has decades of experience in the field of crisis PR and knows how quickly an organization’s reputation can be called into question.

Massachusetts Crisis Communications

Have you ever experienced the effects of “cancel culture” or some other type of smear campaign on social media? Our social media and crisis PR agency in Boston has years of experience handling online attacks and knows what to do when online trolls attack. We also know that time is of the essence when a social media meltdown occurs, addressing complex circumstances with speed, expertise and a customized strategy.

In one recent instance, our Boston PR consultants successfully assisted a real estate development firm in Massachusetts that had come under attack by competitors and became the focus of a nasty misinformation campaign. Red Banyan’s team of seasoned crisis communications experts sprang into action to set the record straight and redirect the narrative.

Boston Crisis Public Relations

It was a classic case of a competitor who felt threatened, could not compete and decided to spread lies in a failed attempt to level the playing field. The competitor had smeared the company through the media and in the public at large with social media attacks and by peddling false narratives.

Red Banyan’s Massachusetts crisis communications consultants hit back, creating a positive PR campaign that outlined all the benefits their redevelopment project would yield, stirring a wealth of goodwill in the community.

Red Banyan was able to help the company by empowering it to promote facts that helped people understand the tremendous value of what the company was doing, as opposed to the negative consequences that the naysayers had been spreading online and in the press. In the end, the project was able to move forward with no long-lasting damage to our client’s reputation.

Strategic Boston Communications

Red Banyan’s Boston-based PR consultants also helped a well-known and deeply respected Boston-area financial services firm that invested in a portfolio company that suffered a series of negative attacks in the press.

The troubled portfolio company’s numerous bad actions and questionable behavior caused tremendous embarrassment to the partners and senior management of the financial firm.

Red Banyan was able to help by serving as a trusted adviser to the private equity firm. Red Banyan’s crisis PR professionals helped extricate the investment company from numerous negative stories in the media. 

Sometimes, it became unavoidable for the firm to escape being mentioned in news articles featuring negative reporting. In those instances, Red Banyan’s Boston crisis PR experts served as their press representatives, making sure the firm was able to effectively communicate all the positive attributes of their company. Red Banyan also helped the firm distance itself from the negative behaviors that were alleged to have been committed by the business in which they were invested.

Red Banyan’s communications strategists were so successful that that financial services firm came back for help again when crises arose with other portfolio companies. In all instances, the Boston crisis PR team was able to help guide the clients through their challenges, while also protecting the reputation of the investors.

Reputation Repair Experts

Red Banyan’s reputation rehabilitation strategists in Boston and beyond have the media savvy, media contacts and first-hand experience with reporters necessary to secure news coverage when it is needed the most. Many of Red Banyan’s staffers are former journalists who understand what constitutes news, what reporters need to cover a story and how to frame facts to shape narratives favorable to our clients’ causes.

Our Boston public relations and crisis management specialists are also experts in social media and know-how to track mentions online to keep tabs on the conversation. Our team of PR experts will set up alerts to notify us when something consequential is posted online and we will address the conversation if it merits a response. Red Banyan serves businesses and private individuals in Boston and Massachusetts crisis communications across the entire state. We research and reach target audiences and ensure that messages reach the relevant audiences.  In the end, what makes us a top Boston crisis PR firm—is results.

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