Red Banyan is a global crisis communications firm that provides crisis PR management services in Los Angeles to businesses, organizations and individuals throughout the metropolitan Los Angeles region.   

Our work is customized to address the individual needs of each client with a focus that includes daily monitoring of the media. Our goal is to satisfactorily deliver our award-winning crisis management services in a timely and effective manner with a superlative outcome. Our services include celebrity PR, reputation management, social media crisis management and media relations.

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Red Banyan offers a variety of services tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. The list below details the range of crisis PR management services our experienced professionals offer to best serve your needs and achieve the most favorable results.

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  • Crisis PR Training and Assessments
  • Crisis Management Consulting
  • Corporate Crisis Communications
  • Crisis PR Prevention and Management
  • Crisis PR in Cases of Extortion and/or Sextortion


  • Social Media Management and Content Creation
  • Social Media Crisis Training
  • Social Media Reputation Management and Branding



  • Reputation Repair and Strategic Online Crisis Training
  • Personal Reputation Management


  • Strategic Communications and PR
  • Media Relations and Outreach
  • Creative Branding and Design
  • Media Coverage PR
  • Whistleblower PR
  • Litigation PR
  • Bankruptcy PR
  • Recall PR
  • PR for Regulatory Issues
  • Legal PR

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FAQs related to working with our California Crisis and Public Relations Firm:

1. Who is your target audience in Los Angeles and what type of companies and what industries do you serve? 

Here’s a list of the type of organizations we work with in metropolitan Los Angeles and across Los Angeles County:

  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Legal
  • Non-profit
  • Government
  • Real Estate
  • Corporate
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Arts & Culture
  • Arts
  • Financial
  • Restaurants

2. What are the core capabilities of Red Banyan, the best crisis management firm in California?

Red Banyan’s team of talented public relations professionals, former journalists, media relations specialists, and political experts have positioned our firm as a leader in global media outreach, strategic communications, reputation management and California crisis management. Click here to read more about our team’s expertise and our firm’s experience in issue management.

3. What is Red Banyan’s pricing structure?

Prices vary based on the required work and the specific needs of each client. We frequently work for a fixed project fee, but in other cases we bill hourly. Our goal is to find the appropriate services and price range that best fits our client’s needs and specific circumstances.

4. How does Red Banyan select account professionals for specific assignments and do your consultants work in teams?

Red Bayan account professionals are divided into multiple teams based on their area of expertise, whether its celebrity PR, social media crisis or public relations. However, senior management is always available to consult with every client to ensure the best possible outcome. Clients may work with anywhere from two to five members of our Los Angeles-based crisis PR agency at any time.

5. What constitutes success for your clients/accounts?

Red Banyan is all about connecting with people and motivating them to action. It’s the way we define success. We regularly check the satisfaction rates of our clients and consult with them on an ongoing basis throughout the year so we can be confident we are providing the expected services and delivering the favorable results they expect and deserve. 

To find out what Red Banyan can do for you, call our PR crisis management experts at (954) 256-8086 for a free consultation. We want to learn as much about you as possible so we can best determine how to help you achieve your goal. Our Los Angeles clients hail from a wide range of industries. We want to find the right fit for you so we can satisfactorily fulfill your expectations. Our impressive results allow us to form lasting relationships with clients who rely on us to meet their needs.

Red Banyan has grown organically through referrals from happy clients who have shared their outstanding results with business associates. Please contact us today for a confidential consultation and start getting the results you need to achieve a competitive edge. Red Banyan never shares any client information with outside parties.


Responding quickly and efficiently to a crisis is key to handling the circumstance successfully. Our Los Angeles crisis PR team will help your organization be ready for any potential crisis that may arise, whether it involves social media, a natural disaster, or a pending lawsuit. Our PR professionals will develop a plan that will guide you effectively through thick and thin, so you can face every challenge head-on.

Our customized communications and crisis PR plan will include a range of the above-listed services. This strategic communications plan will include the following steps:

1. A Strategic Crisis Management Plan

Let’s face it, PR crises are as unpredictable as they are challenging. That’s why it’s essential for you to have a crisis management plan in place before you need it. You also need a crisis management team to delegate duties and guide you through handling the emergency. Do you have a spokesperson to present a unified message? Red Banyan’s PR professionals will make sure you have the right individual in place to speak on your behalf when times get tough. We’ll also make sure you have a customized plan designed with your industry partners and stakeholders in mind to minimize any negative outcomes from the crisis and restore the good reputation you have taken years to build.

2. A Thoughtful Public Response

Red Banyan crisis PR professionals will work with you to develop tailored messaging and personalized responses that encourage the promotion of honesty and transparency to prevent misunderstandings and further damage. Having a crisis response team in place ahead of time is the best preventative measure an organization can take when it comes to emergencies. Your organization’s reputation and very existence can be at stake when a problem arises, and with social media, small problems can morph into big ones in a short amount of time. Red Banyan will make sure you’re prepared.

3. Mindful Monitoring of Emergencies

Did you know that PR crisis management is more than just tamping down an initial negative response? Our Los Angeles communications experts continually monitor the media and coach our clients on how to respond to their customers, business partners, stakeholders and news reporters on all relevant matters. Getting back to business as usual can be a challenge after a crisis but help from Red Banyan PR professionals will provide peace of mind. Our crisis management agency keeps track of social media platforms, TV and online news, websites, user-generated content and all media outlets daily to make sure any negative messaging related to the crisis at hand is addressed immediately.

Our Los Angeles crisis management experts have the right people in the right places to provide you with the best services and PR communications strategies possible. Our crisis management team has the training and experience to react quickly and effectively to crises that involve everything from social media and reputation management to disaster planning and unfavorable litigation.



The Exposure: 

A well-known musician became embroiled in accusations related to the #MeToo movement.  Negative press articles were accompanied by online outrage that included attacks on his reputation. This included social media activism directed at his management company and promoter, as well as the record label.

The allegations were salacious and aimed at forcing him to reach a financial settlement with the alleged victim for her own self-promotional purposes in terms of bolstering her career.

Our Strategy:

Red Banyan’s Los Angeles PR crisis professionals devised a multi-tiered strategy to repair the online reputation of the musician in order to protect his personal brand and image. We created positive online content across various platforms designed to outrank the negative content across search engine results. Our PR experts successfully revealed the actual facts of the case and debunked the unfavorable narrative that had taken hold, effectively quelling the controversy and allowing our client to move forward with his career and resume his musical touring without fear of constant harassment. 

Our Results:

Red Banyan successfully corrected the record regarding the false allegations, reducing further blow back predicated upon false information. We also replaced the disparaging content, moving it off of the top of the search engine pages, and changed the musician’s online persona to better reflect his character. We were also effective at keeping the crisis contained to social media and ensuring that it did not spill over into conventional mainstream media.

Our communications experts used qualitative and quantitative measures which generated SEO analytics showing how our work exceeded expectations.

Red Banyan’s California crisis management team worked with the musician and his team from start to finish, steering them through the crisis management and crisis response process to ultimately deliver outstanding and quantifiable results that not only restored, but actually improved the brand and personal reputation of the client.

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