Red Banyan is a public relations crisis management agency that provides PR crisis response in South Florida to companies, non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals.

Red Banyan’s experienced account professionals tailor their work to meet the specific needs and demands of every client with a focus that includes regular tracking of the news so that we are on top of current events. Our aim is to provide top-notch crisis PR management quickly and effectively to our clients with a desired outcome. Our services include social media crisis management, media relations, celebrity PR and reputation management.

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Red Banyan provides a wide range of services to meet the individual needs of each client. The list below further describes the range of public relations and crisis management services we offer to best serve the needs of our clients so they will achieve optimal results.


florida crisis management firm
  • PR Crisis Response
  • Media Relations
  • Crisis PR in Cases of Extortion and/or Sextortion
  • Crisis Management Consulting
  • Crisis PR Training and Assessments


  • Social Media PR Crisis
  • Social Media Reputation and Branding
  • Social Media Content Creation


  • Company PR Crisis
  • Speaker and Interview Preparation
  • Media Relations


  • Personal Reputation Management
  • Reputation Repair and Strategic Online Crisis Training


  • Legal Public Relations
  • Recall PR
  • PR for Regulatory Issues
  • Litigation PR
  • Media Coverage Public Relations
  • Whistleblower PR
  • Creative Branding and Design
  • Media Relations and Outreach
  • Strategic Communications and PR

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FAQ related to working with our South Florida Crisis and Public Relations Firm:

What types of businesses, organizations and industries does your Florida crisis management agency serve?

  1. Construction
  2. Hospitality
  3. Arts & Culture
  4. Arts
  5. Financial
  6. Government
  7. Real Estate
  8. Corporate
  9. RestaurantsHealthcare
  10. Legal
  11. Non-profit
  • What are the core capabilities of Red Banyan, the top crisis communications agency in South Florida?

Red Banyan’s skilled crisis management firm is composed of a unique mix of talent that will get you the recognition you deserve. Our team of former journalists, media relations experts and political gurus have made us a leader in crisis communications in public relations. We have the know-how and experience to address problems fast and steer the conversation the way you want it to go. With experts in strategic communications, reputation management and South Florida crisis management, Red Banyan has become the go-to crisis PR agency in South Florida.

  • What is the pricing structure at Red Banyan?

Prices at Red Banyan are linked to the specific work and individual needs of each client. We often work for a predetermined project fee, but in other cases we bill hourly. Our aim is to find the correct services and price range for every individual client so we can best meet their needs and specific circumstances.

  • How does Red Banyan assign account professionals to specific assignments and do your consultants ever work together in teams?

Our account experts are divided into several teams according to their area of expertise, such as social media, celebrity PR or PR response to crisis. No matter the case, senior management is always available to discuss issues and strategies with every client to make sure Red Banyan provides the best results possible. Our clients in South Florida may work with one account specialist or as many as five, depending on the circumstances. Our goal is success.

  • Describe “success” for your clients/accounts?

The account experts at Red Banyan’s South Florida office work hard to connect with people and spur them to action. That’s the way we define success. We keep in close touch with our clients to make sure they are satisfied with the results and consult with them regularly to ensure the best possible outcome at times.

Call Red Banyan’s South Florida office today at (954) 256-8086 for a free consultation to find out what our PR crisis company can do for you. Our goal is to find out as much as possible about you and your organization so we can figure out the best and most cost-effective way to help you achieve your goal. Our South Florida clients hail from a wide range of backgrounds. We want to find the right answer for you so we can fulfill your expectations above and beyond what you anticipated. Our impressive results have allowed us to form long lasting relationships with clients who have counted on us to meet their needs.

Red Banyan has grown exponentially through organic referrals and satisfied customers who have shared their results with others. Please contact us today for a confidential consultation and start getting the results you need to distinguish yourself. Red Banyan never shares any client information with outside parties.


A quick and well-planned response to a company PR crisis is essential to handling adverse circumstances successfully. Our South Florida crisis PR team will prepare your organization for any possible crisis that may arise, whether it involves a natural disaster like a hurricane, a social media meltdown, or the threat of pending litigation. Our PR firm will create a plan that will provide you with a roadmap to guide you through thick and thin.

Our personalized crisis plan will include a range of the above-listed services. The strategic communications plan will specifically include these steps:

1.      Crisis Management Planning

Everyone knows that public relations crises are unpredictable and challenging. That’s why it’s important to always be prepared and have a plan in place. It’s also essential to have a crisis management team set up to deal with any unexpected emergencies that may occur and guide you through the stormy waters. Has your organization selected a spokesperson to present a unified message, should the need arise? Red Banyan’s PR professionals will help you choose the right person to speak on your half so they are prepared when you need them. We will also help create a customized plan by working with your industry partners and stakeholders to minimize any adverse outcomes and restore the good reputation that you have taken years to build.

2.      Wide-Ranging Public Response

Red Banyan’s strategic communications and crisis experts will help your organization develop personalized messaging and tailored responses that encourage the promotion of honesty and transparency to mitigate future misunderstandings and damage. The best preventative measure an organization can have is to create a crisis management team before you need one so you can get to work quickly when an emergency occurs. Your organization’s reputation and very existence could be at stake when a problem occurs. A social media gaff can quickly morph into an online disaster if you’re not prepared to act. Red Banyan will make sure you are ready to go.

3.      Long-term Emergency Monitoring

A crisis communications agency does more than just put out the initial fire. Our South Florida PR experts keep a close eye on the media and teach our customers how to respond to their customers, business partners, stakeholders and media on any relevant matters. Returning to business as usual may be anything but routine after a crisis, but Red Banyan’s PR experts will facilitate the transition so everything runs smoothly. Our PR crisis management professionals keep tabs on social media platforms, TV and online news, websites, user-generated content and all media outlets daily to make sure any unfavorable messaging related to the crisis at hand is addressed right away.

Our South Florida crisis management consultants have the best talent in the right places to ensure that you receive the best services and communications strategies possible. Our crisis management team has the background and experience to react fast and address everything from social media and online reputation management to pending lawsuits and disaster planning.


Red Banyan also provides strategic communications and effective PR to companies not in crisis, but looking to increase brand exposure.  Below is an example of Red Banyan’s Florida PR agency work.


The Exposure:

A little-known South Florida-based company with a unique and innovative approach for their industry needed to gain a foothold in a competitive market and figure out a way to stand out from the crowd. In order to capture their share of the market, they needed an original strategy that would set them apart from the others.

Their business was sound and their ideas were trend-setting but they didn’t know how to get publicity.

Our Strategy:

The company hired Red Banyan’s South Florida PR agency to devise a comprehensive strategy that would highlight their special strengths, share the news of their company and publicize their brand and images in a way that would distinguish them. Red Banyan’s communications professionals helped the company’s leaders tell their own story, highlighting the organization’s special qualities in a way that customers would relate to and embrace. Red Banyan media-trained the company’s CEO, created a powerful biography for him and other key executives, and then outlined a compelling story line for the business. Red Banyan then shared this narrative as well as company milestones and benchmarks through press releases and media outreach.  We also created compelling content that we shared across multiple platforms to get the story of this unique business out.

Our Results:

Through the power of Red Banyan’s strategic PR, the company today is recognized as an industry leader that has since expanded into Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and Atlanta.

The business credits our calculated public relations efforts with putting them on the map and driving them forward in the area of job creation. The company’s impressive success is a testament to the power of public relations and the strategic PR plan that Red Banyan conceptualized and executed. Red Banyan’s PR efforts helped raise an obscure South Florida business with potential into a nationally-recognized industry leader.

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