When an online reputation crisis arises, an inadvertent misstep can make things worse. Hiring professional reputation repair experts is often the most effective way to minimize the damage.

Did you know that as much as 25 percent of a company’s value is derived from its online reputation? What consumers say online about your organization matters.

When someone searches online for your brand, you want the results to be positive. Negative content can cause long-term harm to your business, and no one wants to lose organic search traffic and prospective customers due to false information being spread by detractors.

At Red Banyan, we know how to push down negative results with positive content so your brand gets noticed in a positive way. Producing more favorable content than negative is one of the most effective ways to facilitate online reputation repair.


In the world of social media, an organization is only as good as its online reputation. That’s why you must always keep an eye on your organization’s online profile and be aware if there is something that might mar your personal brand or company reputation.

Monitoring is critical. Unless you have a system to listen to what is happening, you will miss the opportunity to control the narrative.

Red Banyan’s online reputation management experts know when and how to monitor and protect your online presence. Our PR experts will create alerts so you are notified every time your personal profile, company or brand is mentioned online. If the references aren’t favorable, we will create positive content that can’t be ignored or missed and then share it across all appropriate media including social media channels.

Continuous reputation management is good business and Red Banyan’s online reputation management services will provide your organization advice and best practices to safeguard your brand’s reputation. Our reputation repair services are designed to counteract online attacks, preserve and repair personal reputations

Time is of the essence when it comes to reputation repair. Our team is ready to help.


Companies love getting good reviews and they are a fantastic way to build your online presence. But when the reviews are unfair, negative or damaging, it’s important to have a team of online SEO experts like the ones at Red Banyan so they can address any problems before they get out of hand. Red Banyan’s team of ORM experts will respond to Google and Yelp reviews and address any negative reviews that appear on your company’s website. It’s important that your company address negative reviews so that they don’t spiral out of control. We will also make sure your company gets new reviews in addition to new content.  Remember, promoting positive content allows your organization to better yourselves as clear market leaders. Statistics show that 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews. Red Banyan’s reputation repair experts know that consumers who see numerous positive reviews are more likely to click through and keep buying.


The personal reputation management team at Red Banyan will identify which keywords are affected and figure out how consumers are searching for your organization online. Our ORM experts will monitor and react in a timely manner to all negative mentions so you can take control of your organization’s reputation on search engine result pages. We will also add more quality content to your core pages so that your organization has a better chance of rapidly improving its online reputation. The reputation protection experts at Red Banyan know how to repair a tarnished online reputation thoroughly and efficiently. Years of experience handling these issues gives our team deep experience matched by very few public relations agencies. Red Banyan experts can guide your organization around pitfalls and teach you how to stymie problems before they spiral out of control.

Red Banyan’s PR outreach experts know how to fix a tarnished reputation fast.