Professional Services Public Relations for Growing Firms

Red Banyan is an international crisis communications and public relations firm that specializes in PR for professional services firms. Our experienced PR consultants provide law firms, marketing agencies, accounting firms and other professional services providers with advice, direction and guidance when it comes to traditional PR and crisis communications.

Red Banyan’s team of experienced professionals will provide your business with a range of services that include traditional public relations, social media monitoring, content creation, online reputation repair, graphic design and media relations.

Our professional services public relations experts will review your website, audit your online footprint and determine if there is any online content that needs to be upgraded, addressed or removed.

Our communications and strategy professionals can customize your messaging so your company leaders can be confident they are reaching the right people with the right information for the best result possible.

Providing PR and crisis communication for professional service organizations is different than handling PR for a nonprofit organization or for a school. We understand the unique needs of professional services firms and why branding is important to distinguish your business from all others.

How We Can Help Your Professional Service Firm

Red Banyan’s team of media savvy professionals include former journalists who know what reporters need for news coverage and can help get your story out. We can arrange interviews, write press releases, create content for blogs and handle your social media.

Our media relations experts can also pitch stories to the media and help shape the narrative, so your professional service firm gets the kind of coverage you desire.

Have your C-suite executives established themselves as thought leaders in their niche? Our content strategists can help your company create engaging copy on current, relevant topics. We can then pitch that content to pertinent trade publications as well as the mainstream media.

We will also pursue media opportunities that include television interviews. Our team of media outreach experts will help you prepare by coaching you beforehand, so you are comfortable conducting on-camera interviews.

Our PR team includes former journalists who have established relationships with the press. They will pitch your company as a credible source, so reporters turn to you when they need a comment from an expert.

Our communications and strategy professionals will work hard to bring your expertise to market so you can attain your business objectives.

Crisis Management and Communications Strategy

In a world where reputations can be destroyed with the click of a mouse, it is important for your company to be prepared for emergencies at all times. Red Banyan’s crisis communications team knows how important it is to plan for a crisis before one occurs.

Our team of crisis PR experts will help your professional services firm outline a crisis communications plan that includes a wide range of scenarios, so you are ready if something goes awry.

Red Banyan’s PR professionals know that positive publicity stirs up more than just good feelings. It also builds credibility. Our crisis management and reputation repair consultants will make sure your professional service firm is ready to address the unexpected should a problem occur and need immediate attention.

Our team of media outreach professionals can issue press releases, arrange news conferences, and write blogs about your company’s community involvement, new hires and internal and external activities. Red Banyan’s media outreach experts have the background and experience to get you noticed the way you desire.

Our social media experts can tamp down simmering online attacks, address any negative reviews that may have been posted online and create new, positive content to promote your business’s good reputation.

Public Relations

Red Banyan’s team of PR professionals will create a steady stream of positive publicity for your professional service firm, with a focus on your business’s accomplishments and contributions to the community. Our team of PR professionals will position your executives as thought leaders in their industry through white papers, blog posts, op-eds, editorials and presentations.

We will raise awareness about your brand and build trust in your firm. Our media relations experts will connect with reporters to win top tier placements in the right publications at the right time. We will help position your executives as subject matter experts so you can gain the credibility you are seeking.

If you have never been interviewed by the media, face-to-face or on-camera, our media relations experts will teach you what to do so you are confident and prepared when the cameras begin to roll.

Our PR experts will teach your staff how to prepare talking points for an interview, explain what to wear and what not to wear, and hold mock interviews with them until they are comfortable.

Marketing and Social Media

Our team of marketing and social media experts will get your professional service firm noticed by creating quality content and placing it in industry and business publications as well as on your company website.

We will find relevant thought leadership and speaking opportunities that will highlight your C-suite executives and their subject matter expertise. Red Banyan’s PR team will also make recommendations on networking opportunities, so your business gets as much positive PR as possible.

Our online reputation management team will also monitor multiple social media platforms on your behalf to determine how your brand is being discussed online, and if there is a need to further manage your online reputation.

If your organization’s goods or services aren’t online, it is a lot more likely that you won’t reach your target audience. Being online immediately increases your brand’s visibility.

Social media can also be used to humanize your brand. Red Banyan’s team of social media experts will make sure your professional service firm is strategically positioned for the best results possible.