Crisis Communications in Public Health Emergencies

Red Banyan is a global crisis management agency with years of experience handling crisis PR for healthcare communities. Our PR consultants are experts in the area of crisis management for nursing homes and know how important it is to convey the right message at the right time.

Residential facility crisis management is a specialized area that few public relations firms have experience handling. The seasoned professionals at Red Banyan understand how important it is to clearly communicate detailed information in a timely fashion when a crisis occurs that affects the elderly.

Our team of crisis management consultants will outline a communications plan that is tailored to your facility’s specific needs so the all pertinent stakeholders can stay informed and have access to the latest information.

We know that poor communications can lead to disastrous results when it comes to the elderly, so our team members are exceptionally vigilant when it comes to creating comprehensive communications plan that take into account the specific needs that affect the elderly.

Red Banyan will create an effective communications strategy that can be implemented as part of your organization’s emergency management plan, so you are completely prepared to move forward if something unpredictable occurs.

It is important to have a crisis communications plan in place before you need one, so you have a plan of action to refer to if something unexpected happens and you can move forward seamlessly. A crisis plan includes company protocols, addresses information flow, names a company spokesperson and outlines how and if you will communicate with the media.

What is an Adult Healthcare Communications Crisis?

Red Banyan specializes in crisis PR and will make sure your assisted living community or nursing home has a crisis communications plan in place so if an emergency occurs, your communications plan will be ready to go.

Emergencies at adult healthcare facilities can range from hurricanes, blizzards and earthquakes but also include accidents, fires and allegations of abuse or neglect. Any of these situations can result in a PR crisis for facilities that care for the elderly and require a high standard of care at all times.

Red Banyan’s team of adult healthcare PR professionals can take charge of a crisis situation, address any fallout, and communicate your facility’s position to the media if your organization does not have its own PR spokesperson.

Getting your message out in a timely manner is important because crises can cause long term reputational damage to assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Negative publicity can cause lingering effects that damage a business financially as well as how it is perceived by the community. Cases involving accidents, fires or lawsuits can morph into criminal investigations or lawsuits, so it is important to address any emergency immediately.

Our experienced media relations experts have established relationships with reporters and can quickly assemble a media outreach team that will work with the press during a crisis.

Red Banyan’s media experts will respond to media questions, and make sure your company’s response reaches the right stakeholders so that rumor and speculation do not get the chance to spin out of control.

Assisted Living Crisis Communications Strategy

If a crisis occurs in your nursing home or assisted living facility, Red Banyan’s crisis management strategists will take control of the narrative and make sure your organization releases the right messages at the right time.

Our crisis PR consultants will help you select a company spokesperson if you have not already chosen someone, so that your messaging originates from one source and you know what is being said at all times.

Using a designated spokesperson as part of your emergency preparedness plan helps control your messaging and present a more professional front to outsiders.

Managing a crisis is also easier if plans are not made on the fly. Red Banyan will help your managers establish protocols and steps to make sure the process runs smoothly. Proper communications are an integral part of any crisis management plan.

Our team of crisis communications strategists will help your nursing home or assisted living facility designate duties and then practice the plans in mock emergency drills. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect and the same goes for crisis planning.

Knowing what to do when an emergency looms can mean the difference between successfully handling the disaster and failing miserably. Red Banyan’s communications experts will make sure you are ready to go so if something unexpected occurs, you have a detailed plan that you have prepared and already practiced.

Prepare a Nursing Home Crisis PR Plan

It is inevitable that a crisis will eventually occur. How your business handles that emergency is what will make the difference. Poorly  managed crises can create long lasting problems that tarnish a reputation that took years to build.

Red Banyan’s crisis response training will teach you how to plan properly, make sure you are adequately trained and help you communicate clearly so you can be certain that the inevitable crisis never becomes unmanageable. Our crisis PR professionals will also help you tell your company’s story in a way that customers will understand, relate to and embrace.

An uncontrolled crisis can threaten your business’s reputation, cause financial woes and harm how you are perceived. Our public relations experts will teach your staff how to monitor social media platforms, websites and media outlets so you can watch for negative messaging related to the crisis and address it before it spirals out of control.

If a problem occurs, our reputation repair experts will help your team reverse the ill-effects of any negative publicity.

Red Banyan’s communications professionals will show you how to steer the conversation your way so you can provide the key information that is important for your business to share. We will make sure you include all relevant stakeholders in your communications plan so all concerned parties are kept informed during an emergency.