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Integrated PR & Strategic Communications for law firms is a specialized kind of public relations that helps attorneys navigate crises and shows them how to use PR to help shape the narrative in ways that will benefit their clients.

Winning a case in court is extremely important but it is equally as important to win in the court of public opinion. Legal consequences are not the only outcome of litigation. A client could win their case in court but have their personal reputation destroyed in the process.

Integrated PR addresses more than the legal aspects of a case. Win or lose, how a client is perceived by the public can make a huge difference when it comes to victory. A successful court battle for a business is no real victory if the business shuts down due to fallout from the court case.

Reaching out for professional guidance from a strategic communications firm like Red Banyan can be essential to preserving a client’s reputation and livelihood post-lawsuit.

The power of social media, cancel culture and online mobs can destroy a business’s or individual’s reputation with a few clicks of a mouse. Knowing how to respond and recover from online attacks can mean the difference between surviving or failing.

9 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs a Integrated PR & Communications Expert

Integrated PR and communications professionals are schooled in legal acumen and terminology and know how to articulate and narrate the complexities of a client’s case. These specialized communicators are also well-versed in media relations and can break complicated legal issues down into consumable and digestible pieces that appeal to the press. In short, Integrated PRcommunication professionals can present your case to the media to get your client’s story out in ways you may have never conceived. They understand that keeping the media at bay is not always an option and that refusing to speak to reporters can mean handing control of the narrative to the other side.

Here are 9 ways an Integrated PR and Communications firm can help get your message out:
  1. They can translate complex legal aspects of a case into easily understandable talking points
  2. They convert legal talking points into a riveting narrative
  3. They can craft press releases that engage and inform with storytelling
  4. They can share a client’s personal story with the media or the public through a relatable narrative
  5. They can identify key audiences that are essential to telling a client’s story, including police, witnesses, courts and affected communities
  6. They can pursue new parties for new angles
  7. They can work with private investigators to shore up evidence
  8. They can create an over-arching communications strategy that meshes wholly with the legal strategy
  9. They can collaborate with reporters on investigative pieces that highlight a client’s story
Law firms with complex cases should consider collaborating with an Integrated PR and Strategic Communications firm like Red Banyan to ensure that their client scores a win both in the traditional courtroom and the court of public opinion.

Attorneys must constantly decide whether to engage the media or avoid the media when it comes to client publicity. Red Banyan Director of Client Engagement Mark Sachs discusses this tricky issue in a recent Law.com article entitled “How Litigation PR Can Bolster Legal Strategies.”

In the article, Sachs focuses on the value of strategic public relations, a specialized type of PR that can help an attorney shape the narrative so is most beneficial to their client. Sachs points out that winning in the court of public opinion is just as important to the preservation of a client’s livelihood and reputation post-lawsuit as addressing the merits of a case.

He notes that the prosecution initially controls the narrative because they are the ones who set everything in motion. And with no counter-narrative, the prosecution’s story becomes entrenched as the truth, often with dire consequences.


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