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Did you know that if you have a media or PR strategy that works in tandem with your legal approach, you can accomplish things in the public arena?

Red Banyan CEO and Founder Evan Nierman discusses this dynamic in an article in PR News that explores the ways law firms can benefit from using public relations to further their cause.

Red Banyan is a high-stakes crisis communications agency that specializes in legal PR, media relations, strategic communications, “cancel culture,” and reputation rehab.

Find out how litigation PR works in tandem with lawyers in the courtroom

In the article, Evan explains that what happens in the court of public opinion may matter more than what actually transpires in a court of law. That’s why many savvy lawyers today are working to build their cases both inside and outside the court rooms.

Think of it this way: a focused PR team can expose a legal team’s opponent and exert pressure in the court of public opinion. This action might prompt a bad actor to settle a case before things get worse.

In fact, law firms hire PR pros so their client’s story is shared in a manner that captures and captivates. PR can elicit sympathy, boost credibility and make a client’s situation more relatable.

What’s more, if the media blows a story out of proportion or gets the facts wrong, Legal PR consultants know how to correct the facts and bring false narratives under control.

Getting your side of the story into the news first is another advantage PR can provide. It is easier to defend your position than try to rewrite a narrative that is already out in the public eye.

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