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A strong strategic relationship is especially valuable when it comes to working with the media. Working with a PR firm that has experience in legal PR is a good way to make sure your client’s message gets out in the way you want it portrayed. Leaving non-curated publicity to chance is risky.

The right strategic communications PR firm will help your law firm take control of the narrative and tell your client’s story the way you want it to be told instead of waiting to respond to someone else’s version of the facts.

PR firms that regularly work with the media can provide the kind of insight and expertise to law firms that attorneys simply might not have. Most, attorneys spend their time defending their cases, not trying to curry favor with reporters. But strategic communications firms like Red Banyan specialize in media relations and have decades of experience working with reporters and pitching stories to the right media outlets to get the right story told.

Why Strategic Communications Equals Effective Media Relations

Attorneys’ have expertise in the law. Public relations professionals have experience and expertise in influencing the court of public opinion. The right Strategic Communications firm can benefit attorneys when it comes to curating and controlling the narrative.

Law firms should search for a PR firm whose employees include former journalists who understand the inner workings of the media and know how to talk to reporters. Seeking out a firm that has a proven media relations strategy that has resulted in a wide array of earned media is also important. Finding a PR firm that has a proven track record of shining a light on complicated cases is worth the research and effort.

PR firms that handle outreach for law firms working on complex cases should be able to position a firm’s case in the best light. Their goal is to help ensure that news coverage or other publicity focuses attention on a narrative that most benefits the firm’s client.

How Law Firms Benefit From Legal PR

If your litigation team does not feel comfortable proactively sharing a client’s story with the public, find a savvy legal PR firm like Red Banyan that has the experience and expertise and can do the job for you. Winning a case in the court of public opinion is extremely important to safeguard the integrity of a business or an individual’s reputation no matter the legal outcome.

When a law firm is handling a high-profile case, responding to the media can become time-consuming and problematic. A PR firm that has experience handling legal public relations can create the firm’s messaging, field questions from reporters and help shape coverage of the case through strategic interviews.

Red Banyan’s experienced team of media relations and legal PR experts can help your law firm define its message and then distribute that message to the right people in the right places, so you reach your target audience.

Relevant and effective news coverage will get people talking about your case and can help you win in the court of public opinion, no matter the legal outcome of the case. Explore the benefits of legal PR and find out how strategic communications experts can help your law firm succeed in and out of court.


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