How Crisis PR Can Help Association Leadership

Red Banyan is an international crisis control agency that specializes in PR and crisis communications for trade associations. Our PR experts have decades of experience providing PR services for trade associations representing a wide range of industries.

Our team of communications experts have worked with trade associations that represent the automotive, steel, textile, legal and energy industries to ensure their points of view receive the type of publicity they require to promote their cause, influence stakeholders and make a difference.

Red Banyan’s PR agency includes former journalists whose media savvy gets our clients noticed by the press, so their stories are recognized as valuable and credible.

Our team members understand the value of establishing lasting media relationships, so your trade association has a better chance of getting the positive publicity you seek.

We have the talent, work ethic and knowledge to promote your trade organization and highlight your organization’s goals, achievements and brand so you stand out in a sea of competition.

Our team of trade association public relations and crisis communications consultants will help your trade association outline a crisis communications strategy, so you are never caught off guard if something unexpected takes place.

Our public relations experts will help market your trade association’s services in a way that will capture the interest of relevant industry stakeholders.

Why Public Relations is Important to Trades

Trade Associations have messages to share and the PR experts at Red Banyan have the experience and connections to get the job done effectively.

Trade associations play an important role in promoting trade laws and providing an industry voice when it comes to regulations and new legislation for a specific industry.

Red Banyan’s trade association public relations team can help your association do this by leveraging our contacts with the media, writing press releases and telling your organization’s story in way that will resonate with the community.

Effective public relations also provide your association with a way to respond on behalf of all members and stakeholders when something unfavorable happens, or an emergency occurs. Our communications training experts will make sure you are prepared.

Red Banyan’s PR consultants can also help your trade organization elevate its authority by producing articles and op-eds that establish your organization as a subject matter expert.

Our content creation team can produce original blogs and other content for your website to further promote your organization’s expertise. Let the PR professionals at Red Banyan be your megaphone.

Our team of PR experts will help your trade association maintain a positive public image, no matter what occurs.

Reputation Repair for Trade Associations

Red Banyan’s online reputation repair experts will help you examine your trade association’s online footprint and review all your social media accounts.

Our ORM experts have the experience and background to devise an appropriate social media strategy that will magnify your organization’s online presence and ensure that your trade association’s profile is more impactful.

Red Banyan’s social media service will review customer engagement with your social media channels and determine what changes to make so you are sure your social media accounts are being utilized in the most effective manner.

Our team of reputation repair professionals will audit your social media platforms before a problem occurs and point out any areas of weakness so you can shore them up before something goes awry.

If something unexpected happens that could harm your trade association’s reputation, our staff of reputation repair professionals will address the problem quickly.

Our team will create positive content, so any negative content will be pushed down lower in the search engines, producing more favorable results for your trade association.

We will also answer online reviews and respond to negative comments, so your trade association’s good name remains untarnished.

Why Social Media Monitoring for Trades Matters

If you have never considered how social media can enhance your trade association’s online reputation and overall brand, Red Banyan’s social media experts will demonstrate after reviewing your online footprint.

Our PR experts will find out if your trade association has an up-to-date web page and determine if the content is helpful and informative.

Our social media consultants are storytellers and can use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to humanize your organization and its mission.

By showing stakeholders what you intend to accomplish and what your role is in the world, you create connections with people that would otherwise be missed. You create reasons why people should care.

It is also a fact that social posts that are interesting or engaging will keep your trade association’s mission front and center. 

Red Banyan’s social media experts are trained in crisis communications and know what to do when an emergency occurs. We understand how important it is to respond quickly and take control of the narrative when a something unplanned happens that could cause negative consequences.

We will teach your trade association how to respond should they be contacted by the media. If your organization does not have a crisis communications plan in place, we will create one for your trade association, so you are never caught off guard.

How PR Can Promote Trade Associations

When a problem occurs, there is not much time to lose. Our experienced team of crisis PR consultants can recognize patterns, similarities and red flags from previous cases that can help shape the decisions we need to make to take back control of an out-of-control situation.

Our public relations professionals will market your trade association by issuing press releases about news, special initiatives and executive leadership activities.

We will promote events and conferences, provide media relations training for association leaders and create content for the association’s publications, newsletters and blogs.

Our content strategists will also craft thought leadership pieces for association executives and help build advocacy initiatives for the trade association to promote its reputation.

Red Banyan’s team of crisis PR and communications experts will handle all your trade association’s PR needs and make sure your organization is well prepared, should a crisis arise.