Why Your Franchise Needs a PR Plan

Establishing a unique identity for your franchise is an important factor in developing customer loyalty. It is also what will make your business stand out from the competition. Red Banyan’s franchise public relations consultants have the experience and skills to help you build a franchise that will keep customers coming back.

Our team of public relations experts will design marketing campaigns that will drive traffic to your company website, help retain existing customers and attract new ones so your franchise will continue to grow. Our franchise PR professionals understand the importance of storytelling and will share yours with the media to elevate your franchise onto the national stage.

Red Banyan’s franchise PR team has worked successfully for decades with numerous franchises across a wide range of industries. We have the media connections and media savvy needed to get your business the local and national publicity you seek.

Crisis PR & Communications Strategy for Franchises

Red Banyan specializes in crisis PR for franchises and has successfully steered many businesses through unexpected disasters including bankruptcy. Our tailored crisis communications strategy has helped numerous franchises weather the disruption of reorganization, and even being sold. We have served franchises in the health, medical and wellness space, and also in the restaurant industry.

Our franchise PR team is aware that minor problems can morph into major social media nightmares quickly if no one takes steps to protect your company’s online reputation. Red Banyan’s franchise crisis management experts will outline a crisis communications plan that will include reputation repair and social media monitoring. By planning ahead, you will never be caught by surprise and your franchise’s business reputation will never be tarnished by unfounded claims.

Red Banyan’s crisis management professionals will make sure your franchise is ready to handle a worst-case scenario so business operations are not affected if a crisis occurs.

Social Media for Franchises

One of Red Banyan’s specialties is social media and marketing for franchises. Our social media consultants can teach you how to build a loyal following with targeted social media campaigns, personalized posts and video clips. Establishing a franchisee as a subject matter expert will contribute to your brand’s credibility. Connecting with customers on social media will also create a personalized connection that will humanize your brand.

In a world that is fueled by the whims of social media, building brand recognition and reaching new followers is a never-ending task. We can teach you how to use social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to distinguish and promote your franchise.

Red Banyan’s content strategists will share your message in targeted, shareable blogs and review your website to make sure the information on it promotes your franchise effectively. Our social media experts can help you increase your overall media engagement and grow your brand using a variety of social media platforms. We will also monitor your brand online, so we know how it is being viewed by others on social media.

Brand Awareness & Brand Monitoring

Every brand has a story, and it is important to get yours out. The story of your franchise is what makes it different from all others and could possibly become the foundation for a business article. Red Banyan’s franchise brand specialists will shape an engaging narrative that relays how your company got started. Whether your franchise is a mom-and-pop endeavor or the product of a corporate expansion, your business has a story that is worth telling.

Promoting your brand through storytelling is also another way to boost your appeal to investors and franchisees. The more your brand is recognized, the more growth it will experience. Our communications professionals will create a franchise PR strategy that will establish your brand’s tone, grow your social media footprint and promote community involvement. Creating a solid reputation can also dull the effect of negative news.

Stay Ahead of Negative Press

Red Banyan’s media relations experts will help your franchise get media coverage to build your brand and increase market traffic. Whether it is publicity for an industry award, a ribbon-cutting or grand opening, our communications team has the media contacts to get the job done.

Red Banyan’s PR experts know a lot about the media because many of our team members were reporters. Our media outreach consultants know what makes a good story, understand what news outlets need and have the skills and talent to write engaging pitches that will get your franchise noticed.

Our content strategists will create compelling content that will highlight your brand, tell your story and spotlight your loyal customers. We will produce a wide range of positive content including blogs and social media posts that will outweigh any negative stories that might be published.

Franchise PR Experts

Our franchise PR experts can promote your brand whether your franchise is national or local. We will create targeted media relations campaigns that connect with customers in your region and establish a hometown feel that will encourage customer loyalty.

If you partner with local schools, student clubs, community markets or other groups, we will boost your franchise’s visibility by promoting your activities through media outlets, trade magazines, newsletters and social media. Our public relations experts will help shape the narrative you present so your franchise is portrayed in the way you want it to be viewed.

Our communications experts will implement a franchise PR plan that will streamline your business’s internal and external communications and elevate your brand, so the messaging is unified and clear throughout all aspects of your organization.