Public relations for entrepreneurs and startups is key to establishing a robust image from the start. Targeted PR strategies can help startups and independent contractors create positive public images, establish social media networks and forge traditional media liaisons.

PR professionals like the seasoned experts at Red Banyan know how important it is to create a solid image and foundation so you can move forward with confidence and impact.

Red Banyan’s team of public relations professions have decades of experience in PR for early stage businesses and know what it takes to get a new business noticed.

We understand that PR for entrepreneurs is essential to creating name recognition and brand respect and claiming market share. A fledgling business needs an edge to compete, and Red Banyan’s media savvy experts have the expertise to help you stand out.

Why Strategic Marketing Benefits Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and startups should define their value by their ability to provide quality services and products and not allow physical size to set limits.

The PR experts at Red Banyan know how to market your services and showcase your successes nationally and globally in ways that will extend your reach and influence so you can easily compete with much larger businesses.

Our content creation professionals will audit your website, evaluate your existing content and create new content tailored for entrepreneurs and independent contractors that will highlight your services and brand and showcase your accomplishments.

Red Banyan’s team of experts in PR for entrepreneurs understands the unique challenges entrepreneurs face and can create a strategic communications plan that includes social media marketing, website content, press releases and blogs.

We know that public relations is about sharing the right information with the right people at the right time to build a solid brand and reputation through effective marketing strategies.

Our PR professionals will work with your organization to build your company image as an industry leader and promote your business agenda to expand your reach.

Expand Your Startup With Public Relations 

Red Banyan specializes in PR for entrepreneurs and will help you expand your startup and general partnership so you can provide services to an even wider range of customers. We will strategically position your brand, so you are seen as a market leader.

Red Banyan will get you name recognition in the market, making it easier for you to attract interest from venture capital firms, angel investors or private equity groups.

Our PR experts will show you how to grow your social media following and utilize customer testimonials to increase brand visibility and user trust.

Red Banyan’s team of communications professionals will use their decades of experience to position your brand appropriately and establish you as a thought leader in your industry, so you attract more attention, appear even larger than you are and gain more credibility.

Focus Your Strategy

Our PR professionals will create a custom profile for your new business that will define your company by its services, influence and reach, instead of emphasizing physical size or location.

Our media relations for startups experts will help you create a contact list of relevant journalists, teach you how to network with reporters and show you how to write pitches that will engage the media and get you the desired results.

Red Banyan’s goal is to highlight the services or products your startup provides, opening up more strategic opportunities.

Our media relations experts will teach you how to shape the narrative in a direction that provides your organization with the biggest benefit.

Entrepreneurs and Media Relations

Red Banyan’s media relations consultants are experienced in multilevel marketing and will help position your company as a thought leader through our extensive media contacts.

We will conduct research to find out what subject areas are of interest to reporters and then reach out to relevant influencers to help you secure coverage.

Because many members of the Red Banyan team are former reporters, we know what reporters need to write a story and have the skills and media savvy to get our clients noticed.

Our mix of backgrounds provides clients with a complete spectrum of services. Our media and crisis PR consultants can manage online attacks, tamp down crises and promote brands and industry leaders with targeted public relations.

Our team of media experts will audit your mentions in the media, search out new publicity opportunities and regularly contact the press when your organization has something newsworthy that merits coverage.

Startups and Crisis PR

Red Banyan’s team is composed of crisis is communications experts who understand the value of having a crisis PR plan in place before you need one.

We specialize in crisis PR for entrepreneurs and startups and will make sure your organization is prepared for the worst so you can react quickly, take control of the narrative and mitigate damage if something unexpected occurs.

The experienced crisis PR experts at Red Banyan can create a tailored crisis communications plan that will ensure your organization is ready for any scenario at the drop of a hat.

In a world that is influenced by the lightning fast effects of social media, it is essential to have a crisis plan in place. Having a plan in place can mean the difference between success and failure while ensuring peace of mind.

Reputation Management for Entrepreneurs

Do you have a social media plan, and do you track how your posts are being received? Our social media experts will review your organization’s social media channels, track what is being said about your brand online and come up with a strategy that will help you manage your online reputation.

Knowing what is being said about your company online is important in an era when commentary can spiral out of control online and cause lasting damage if you are unaware.

Our crisis PR experts and online reputation repair professionals will review all your entrepreneurial content and make sure the messaging is unified and that nothing negative online exists to mar your business’s online credibility or image.

Our PR professionals teach our clients how to respond when disaster strikes. We also understand that getting back to business as usual after an emergency or disruption may be anything but routine.

Red Banyan’s team of PR and crisis communications consultants has experience working with entrepreneurs and will provide your new business with tools and guidance that will show you exactly where you need to go, how to get there and what you have to do to position your company for long-term success.