What is Non-profit PR?

Did you know there is a basic difference in public relations for nonprofits and PR for businesses? The public relations professionals at Red Banyan know that because nonprofits are driven by social purpose instead of profit margin, their messaging and target audiences have different purposes.

Our non-profit organization PR experts understand that nonprofits measure success in human impact while for-profit corporations value what their business can bring to customers. The measuring sticks for success are vastly different.

That’s why it’s important to choose a crisis communications firm like Red Banyan with PR experts who are familiar with everything from nonprofit reputation management to media relations. Our PR experts have the talent and skills to help your organization focus on the social value it creates in a community, while we handle the rest.

How We Can Help Nonprofits

When you’re running a nonprofit, it’s easy to get distracted because you’re busy with the day-to-day complexities that come with providing community service. It can be difficult to maintain the bottom line because you’re focused on helping others. Red Banyan’s PR experts specialize in public relations for nonprofits and know how to share your organization’s story in a way that will get you noticed. We understand the value of earned media and have the media contacts and credibility to help get your organization the publicity it desires.

Many of Red Banyan’s PR consultants are former journalists who know what makes a good story. They understand the most effective ways to pitch stories and can help shape narratives that result in media coverage.

Because nonprofits are typically focused on social purposes instead of profits, they need to keep close tabs on their budgets. Red Banyan’s media relations experts know how to get your organization noticed so its purpose and financial needs remain in the forefront of potential donors who can help support its positive work.

Non-profit PR Strategy

Red Banyan’s non-profit PR experts will help your organization craft a comprehensive PR strategy and define your target audience. Do you know how to frame, target and promote your press releases? Our team of non-profit PR consultants will teach you how to build loyalty, define your brand and monitor your efforts.

We will teach you how to leverage and improve phone outreach, annual giving campaigns, leadership, major gifts, and fundraising analytics. Is your organization transparent? It’s important if you want buy-in from outsiders.

Are you doing anything to raise awareness about your mission? Red Banyan’s nonprofit experts will help create PR campaigns that will highlight your organization’s successes and future goals. We will also help you set financial benchmarks and outline plans to meet those goals.

Best Practices

Nonprofits, like any other type of organization, should follow a series of best practices. Red Banyan’s PR experts will help your organization move forward with some simple tips. We understand the value of storytelling and will help your organization share its important stories in a timely and relevant sense.

We know how important it is to tell a story when you have one to share, and we will help you do it better. Personal narratives enhance credibility and help show how your organization benefits society. We will also help tell your stories using social media, blogs and websites, so your message has a better chance of being heard by multiple audiences.

Our media relations experts will make sure your stories are also told in a way that ensures the reader will care about your organization’s mission and how it affects the world.

Proactive Communication for Non-profit Organizations

Red Banyan’s public relations professionals will make sure your message is presented in a way that highlights your organization’s impact on the world. We will share your nonprofit’s accomplishments on social media, ask bloggers to write about your organization and work with news outlets and individual journalists so they understand your organization’s mission and benefit to society.

Our PR team will help arrange interviews with major donors as well as beneficiaries of your organization to highlight and promote your nonprofit’s exceptional work. Through proactive communication and PR, your nonprofit will stand out from others. Our PR experts can disseminate your organization’s mission to a wider audience using stories that resonate.

When to Hire a PR Expert for Your Nonprofit

Marketing for a nonprofit might include email lists, donor calls, advertising, and monthly newsletters. If it sounds like a lot, it can be. That’s why the nonprofit PR experts at Red Banyan are invaluable to a nonprofit agency having a tough time getting its message across.

Our PR professionals have the expertise and know-how to handle all your non-profit PR needs so you can focus on the organization’s social purpose and community impact. It’s important to have PR consultants who understand the difference between nonprofit and for-profit marketing and PR.  We ensure that your message is conveyed in a way that furthers your organization’s mission and captures, sustains and reinforces donor interest.

Non-profit Crisis Management

Red Banyan’s crisis communications experts know how important it is to plan ahead and expect the unexpected. Our crisis PR professionals will make sure your organization has a crisis plan in place and a designated spokesperson in the event plans go awry.

Organizations that aren’t prepared can damage their reputations if they don’t respond quickly when disaster strikes. Red Banyan’s crisis public relations experts will take charge of the narrative to help limit any damage to your organization’s reputation. Our seasoned professionals understand how things can quickly spiral out of control on social media and are trained to respond quickly and thoroughly.

Being prepared and having a plan that is ready to go when you need it can mean the difference between success, failure and peace of mind. Our PR consultants will help your organization create a specialized crisis communications plan for your nonprofit so you are prepared when an emergency situation arises.