Red Banyan is a public relations and crisis communications agency that has a specialty in financial services public relations. Our team of financial services PR professionals understands how important it is to highlight your company’s performance in a favorable way to maintain the dynamic relationships your representatives have forged with investors.

Financial PR is an excellent way to showcase the success your firm has achieved for its clients.

Our team of financial and banking services communications professionals knows that good publicity is key to building credibility and elevating your financial institution’s brand to a new level.

A company’s good reputation is the basis upon which business is built, and our financial services PR agency will make sure your organization’s services and accomplishments are portrayed in a favorable light.

What is Financial Services PR

Red Banyan’s financial services experts have decades of experience growing and executing communications strategies for communications campaigns and surrounding various financial transactions. Our financial services PR firm strives to help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Our financial services PR agency spotlights the importance of investment management communications and has tailored our PR services to fit the needs of investment managers.

Red Banyan’s financial services experts will review your organization’s structure thoroughly to make sure there are no issues that could harm your brand if made public.

Our goal is to protect your brand’s reputation so it cannot be damaged by questions about company integrity or competence.

Our team of financial service consultants is dedicated to the investment management industry and will ensure your organization has the best chance possible to deliver the most beneficial outcome for its investors.

We will perform a thorough communications audit of your company to determine if there are any questionable issues that could put your organization in a bad light.

What Do Financial PR Firms Do?

Red Banyan’s financial PR experts will help communicate your company’s offerings and results to the public and other relevant entities while also working to safeguard your organization from damaging leaks and unfair spin.

Our team of financial services consultants also knows when an organization needs to revamp its internal structure and improve its messaging. Our team of experts will guide your business through the process so that you achieve the results and establish the image you desire.

Our team will research business trends that affect asset managers and share this information with clients through written communications such as papers, studies, and other pertinent sources.

In other instances, Red Banyan’s public relations professionals have used their strategic communications skills to expose bad actors in the financial services industry and to level the playing field for those in need of positive PR.

Financial services PR can be tactically used to shine a light on troubling issues and encourage the players to do the right thing.

Financial PR in Action

Red Banyan’s financial services PR experts have years of experience working with reporters and know what it takes to capture the attention of the media.

In one instance, Red Banyan’s financial services PR professionals used their leverage with the media to pressure a bad actor in the financial services industry who had discriminated against a hard-working employee.

The employee had been denied rightful earnings and deferred compensation and was fired when he requested fair treatment.

Red Banyan’s communications and financial services professionals shared this story of on-the-job discrimination with a few carefully selected reporters who called the financial services institution with requests for more information.

As a result, the company owner paid the employee what he was owed so he could get on with his life.

Financial Services PR Agency

Red Banyan’s financial services PR professionals can create a press outreach plan that will help your financial services company gain visibility in target markets to increase your business’s footprint and impact.

Our experienced public relations experts can also create publicity campaigns that will increase your company’s customer base and position your organization’s executives as thought leaders in their industry.

Our team of financial services PR professionals have the experience and skills to create, manage and execute crisis management plans, audit your social media accounts and review your internal and external communications and make suggestions for improvements.

Red Banyan’s financial services PR professionals will work to improve your brand’s reputation, promote a positive brand image, establish key messages and strengthen your brand’s relationship with your target audiences.