Spokesperson Training Overview

Have you ever told a story while cameras rolled live? It can be intimidating and distracting, to say the least. In fact, it’s easy to lose your focus when you’re staring down the lens of a huge camera. What to do? Red Banyan’s spokesperson training will prepare you to handle these kinds of situations with confidence and ease.

Speaking to the press can be intimidating which is why PR media training is so important.

Our spokesperson PR training offers tips and tricks that will help you stay in control when it matters the most. We will help you boost your media savvy, and make sure you have a thorough understanding of what the media wants and needs. Nothing is worse than having a camera aimed at you when you are unprepared.

Our crisis PR spokesperson training is exceptionally valuable to companies who find themselves in the midst of an unexpected crisis, have major news to report or want to highlight community endeavors that shine a positive light. Our media training for a crisis will teach you what type of questions to expect, how to frame core messages, and how to share your stories in ways that captivate and make a difference.

Areas of Expertise

Our public relations professionals know how to get you noticed. How do we do this? Our PR experts know the combined importance of social media accounts, blogging and up-to-date website content in addition to having a well-trained spokesperson to serve as the face of your organization. Our PR consultants use their specialized skills to tailor communications plans that spotlight the unique characteristics of your company or organization so we can find relevant stories that will capture interest and provide value.

Our staff has worked hard to build positive relationships with the public, and we have established a reputation rooted firmly in honesty and integrity. Our standard of operation is modern, proactive, assertive and effective. Our extensive media training will definitely get you noticed, teach you how to better deal with the press and give you the knowledge of how to deliver your message across various media channels.

How to Improve Storytelling

We teach you how to shape your message in the most favorable ways and guide you around any problems. Our media spokesman coach will help you choose a clear and central message with details that explain your points. Your story should have a beginning, middle and end and our PR experts will make sure your presentations are thorough and informative.

Are you trying to persuade, or is it your job to simply present facts that support a previously reported narrative? We will help you determine the best and most effective way to get your message out and help you choose the details you will need to be convincing in your presentation. Sometimes the most powerful narratives are the simplest ones. Our coaches will practice with you until you become comfortable with public speaking.

Keys to Successful Interviews

Red Banyan PR services include interview coaching that will teach you what type of questions to expect so you are prepared to answer difficult and challenging inquiries. We teach you how to be an active listener, to watch your body language and to make eye contact. The key to success is preparation, preparation, preparation. Know your subject matter and try to think of anything that might come up in a question.

Our media training specialists will conduct mock interviews with you so you have a better sense of what it will be like when fielding questions during a live press conference. Our crisis PR specialists know that it is important to always be honest and will coach you on what to do if you don’t have a requested answer. Red Banyan’s team of former journalists knows how to help you prepare for an interview because they have been the interviewers themselves. They know what reporters are seeking and can anticipate the types of questions they will ask. Using a Red Banyan media relations coach will provide peace of mind and set up a path to success.

Improve On-Camera Spokesperson Skills

Public speaking skills come through practice and we can help you achieve an effective mix of speech delivery, speech analysis and audience analysis. We understand how important it is to communicate your organization’s message in a way that captivates and enthralls. If you can’t hold an audience’s attention, you can’t get your message across effectively.

We will help you come up with an opening “attention-getter,” as well as show you how to outline the key points of the message you must convey. Did you know that eye contact and body language are important pieces of you on-camera spokesperson skills? We will teach you how to think on your feet, provide interesting and informative quotes, and be unafraid to face a camera. Our PR experts will guide you through this process, share tips for the best outcome and instruct you how to reply in a way that puts your company in the best light possible.

Why Hire a Spokesperson Consultant?

When a PR crisis occurs, or some other significant event that your organization needs to publicize, it is important to push out a unified message. Funneling information through a single source is often the most effective way to monitor information flow and make sure what gets disseminated is accurate and current. Our PR consultants can help you choose the best spokesperson possible. Media spokesperson training is beneficial to anyone whose organization has a story to tell, product to sell, or service to offer.