Best Practices for Tech Companies Communications

Effective communications are essential if you want your high tech company to grow. Educating consumers about what you offer, how it works and why it’s more valuable than the competition is among the many ways to set yourself apart.

But translating high-level information into easy-to-understand messaging can be a challenge. Red Banyan’s technology public relations professionals understand these complexities and will create a unique marketing and tech PR plan for you.

Whether you’re a startup or a well-established technology company that needs a more sophisticated branding strategy, our PR and communications specialists will help you progress to the next level.

Are you interested in growth? Or does your business specialize in groundbreaking disruptive technology that needs extra PR to further explain and highlight its value? Our PR consultants know that the most effective public relations campaigns keep it simple. When it comes to technology, it’s important that any communications about your products or services are straightforward and basic.

Our team of technology PR experts know how to highlight value while emphasizing ease of use and applicability in ways that will clearly distinguish your products from the competition.

How Red Banyan Assists with Tech Company PR

Whether you’re interested in growth acceleration using PR, attracting angel investors or increased brand recognition, our technology public relations experts have the skills and experience to get you the attention you seek.

Have newspapers or other online media outlets ever featured your business in a TV news story or technology publication? Red Banyan’s PR team has an impressive track record of earned media for tech companies. Our staff includes numerous former journalists with decades of experience.

Our team has existing relationships with a wide array of news reporters and contacts with media across the country. We are uniquely positioned to help arrange valuable news coverage and help get your company the media attention you seek.

We connect reporters who are working on specific technology topics with industry experts working in the field. The result provides news outlets with added value for their stories while our clients receive the publicity and media attention needed to help grow their business. It’s a win-win situation. Our technology media relations experts know that reporters are seeking high-level information that must be translated into layman’s terms. We understand how to compose media pitches that are clear and to the point without relying on industry-specific jargon that is likely to alienate many journalists.

Our media outreach professionals will capitalize on the media’s interest in the newest technology innovations and link your company’s services and products to those ideas as they relate to your business. We can also suggest elaborating on an article’s previous angle or examining broader trends.

How to Use PR to Attract Investors

Establishing your business as a thought leader and thereby establishing credibility is key to attracting investors. Red Banyan’s technology PR experts have handled PR for existing businesses as well as PR for entrepreneurs. We know what it takes to create buzz and build a reputation as a reliable resource.

An investor that’s looking to put money into a business is first going to do quite a bit of homework. How visible is your company? Is the sign on your building the only public labeling that defines your business? Has your company ever been featured in a news article, an industry newsletter or a social media campaign? What would someone find if they conducted online research about your business? Would the search engines turn up any interesting stories, or would a routine search draw a big blank? These are important questions to consider if you want your business to attract investors.

What kind of public face does your competition provide? Does a public search of their name, products and services turn up more than just a website? Red Banyan’s public relations technology experts will review all these issues for your business and come up with a PR strategy to attract investors and get you noticed.

Using PR to Drive Sales and Brand Recognition

Creating an informative and user-friendly website is one of the most practical ways to up your business’s PR game. If your company website is confusing, difficult to navigate or boring to look at, then potential customers are going to click away and look elsewhere. Red Banyan’s team of technology PR professionals will review your business’s website and suggest improvements that could boost sales and improve brand recognition.

Is social media a part of your current marketing plan? Targeted social media posts could be key to driving new sales, depending on your audience and customer base. Red Banyan’s social media experts can review your social media platforms, examine the analytics and get a clear handle on your target audience.

We will fine-tune your marketing campaigns, so they reach their intended audiences and produce more impressive results. We will also create a strategic social media plan to improve brand recognition so you can capitalize on existing customers’ interest and attract new devotees.

Consumers are looking for solutions. Our PR experts will focus on your products’ benefits and create content that will illustrate how your product provides answers to problems and eliminates pain points.

Public Relations Strategies for Technology Companies

How does your product make life better? Red Banyan’s team of technology PR professionals will find a human element and use it to highlight your product’s value by explaining its benefits.

We will also back up your claims with any available data to further establish your company’s credibility.

Consumers seek value-added services and products they can count on. Our team of seasoned tech PR experts have the experience and media savvy to create engaging content that will establish your brand as a reliable entity and capture the attention of industry-specific news organizations. Red Banyan’s technology PR consultants have the years of experience, professionalism and media outreach training to position your company for lasting success.