How to Communicate to Stakeholders During a Crisis

Red Banyan is an international PR and crisis communications agency with years of experience working with government agencies. Our seasoned team of crisis communications experts have extensive experience dealing with federal, state, and local governments.

We know how difficult it can be navigating bureaucracies. Our team of government crisis PR professionals have the savvy and know-how to cut through the noise and get the job done.

Red Banyan’s government consultants work closely with legislators and are familiar with government processes. We are equipped to meet your needs and facilitate connections between all involved parties.

Our government relations PR team can help your organization make the important connections that are needed to establish key relationships and move your agenda forward.

Our communications strategists will help you locate key players and make valuable connections so you can achieve the results you are seeking. We will help you reach relevant stakeholders by arranging meetings, as well as using social media, blogs and other forms of communication so your message is heard by the parties you are trying to reach.

Our public relations consultants have worked in government relations for years and understand the complexities involved with the legislative process and with elected officials. We have the talent and expertise to help you deliver compelling information that gets the attention of those who matter most.

Cooperation Between Government Departments

Communications with government agencies means knowing how to navigate the system. It also hinges on established relationships. Our team of government crisis management experts know how frustrating the maze of government bureaucracy can be.

Red Banyan’s extensive record of working with government agencies will ensure positive results. Our government crisis PR professionals have the skills to pave the way for cooperation with relevant government agencies that result in outcomes that take you to the next level.

Our team of PR consultants will formulate government communications strategies that will improve communications, promote your messaging, and help you achieve your desired goals.

Our team of crisis communications experts will teach you how to work effectively with elected officials and policymakers to make the government process more streamlined and less problematic.

Speak Candidly

Communicating clearly and concisely is essential when it comes to government relations communications. Red Banyan’s team of communications experts will teach you how to find out what topics legislators are working on and how you can determine what aspects are related to your cause.

Red Banyan’s research team can also show you how to track legislators’ records. Our team of government agency experts includes former journalists who can predict what kind of stories reporters will pursue and walk you through the interview process.

Red Banyan’s team of media relations experts will help you create a communications plan that will you garner the kind of publicity you are seeking. We will teach you to think like a politician so you can capture their interest and make your case effectively. Our experts will teach you how to communicate the newsworthy elements of your content in a way that sets your message apart and captures policymakers’ interest.

How to Minimize Risk During a Crisis

Being prepared ahead of time is key to weathering any crisis. Topping the list of preparations is having a crisis communications plan in place before you need one. That way when an emergency occurs, you have a roadmap to follow so you can plan your actions.

Having a crisis plan in place is essential in a world fueled by the lightning-fast influence of social media. Being prepared and having a plan that is ready to go when you need it can mean the difference between success, failure and peace of mind.

Our PR consultants will help you develop and enact a specialized crisis communications plan, so you are prepared when an emergency situation arises. We can also help you when you find yourself at odds with government agencies.  Don’t let miscommunication be a barrier to securing future government contracts.

Responding to a crisis quickly and efficiently is important to avoiding negative outcomes. The government crisis management experts at Red Banyan have the knowledge and expertise to convey your message to the right government officials at the right time. We will help you customize your message, so you reach the right target group and get the desired results.