Crisis Management Marketing Strategies

Red Banyan’s crisis communications team works with marketing agencies from all around the country to create marketing plans for crisis management for a wide range of clients. Our team handles media relations, messaging strategy, media affairs, interview preparation and content creation unlike traditional marketing agencies, which handle other aspects such as digital marketing including PPC and display advertising.

When a crisis occurs, communication is paramount. Our crisis planning team will help you select the best communication platforms to deliver information to your stakeholders, update your company website with pertinent crisis-related information and make sure your managers choose an appropriate spokesperson, so all crisis-communications are funneled through a single source.

Red Banyans PR experts will help you inform your stakeholders of any problems or unexpected scenarios to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of the facts. Strategic marketing plans for crisis management provide long-term benefits that can fuel your business for years to come and provide you with tools to deal with the unexpected.

Marketing Communications Planning for a Crisis

Preparation is key to surviving a marketing meltdown, no matter the cause. The crisis management communications experts at Red Banyan know how important it is to have a plan in place before you need one and can help your organization create one if you do have one ready to go.

Red Banyan’s marketing agency professionals have decades of experience handling emergencies and will provide your business or non-profit agency with a step-by-step plan to achieve results that will protect your brand and your reputation. Our sole focus is to support our clients in every situation or scenario, no matter how unpredictable.

When a crisis occurs, Red Banyan’s online reputation experts focus closely on your company’s external messaging, with special attention to what is being posted on social media. During a time of crisis, it is important to share with care and think before you post. All too often, ill-conceived social media posts morph into a huge online disasters, something a company that is already in crisis mode needs to avoid. Red Banyan shares its expertise with marketing agencies for crisis communications to provide integrated plans of client support.

Types of Marketing Strategies to Prevent a Communication Breakdown

Communications can be one of the first things to break down when an emergency occurs. Red Banyan’s communications and social media experts will map out a plan to maintain internal and external communications, so no one is left in the dark.  Our crisis PR professionals will help your business evaluate the scope of the crisis and determine how it will affect your operations.

If your organization needs to update its business information, Red Banyan’s team of communications consultants will review your company website and adjust the information there as needed.

Our social media communications team will monitor your social media platforms, track comments and respond if necessary. Our reputation management experts know how important it is to identify potential problems before they grow into large-scale disasters.

Professionally executed strategic crisis PR counsel can preserve your brand’s reputation and position it carefully so your good name remains untarnished. Our team will help determine what resources are available to you so you can quickly address the changing needs of your customers at a moment’s notice.

Marketing Strategies During a Crisis 

When disaster strikes, it can be difficult to stay focused. Red Banyan’s crisis communications management experts will keep you on track, even when emotions run high. Our seasoned team members know how detrimental it can be to panic, something you never want reflected in your messaging.

We will make sure you consider the perspective of your stakeholders and do what you need to do so they feel supported. Creating a regular line of communication with content that has been revised for relevance is extremely important in a crisis, as circumstances constantly change. Our communications experts will make sure you customize your responses.

Every communication with your stakeholders should be timely, genuine and informative. Acknowledge the crisis, share the facts, and keep everyone who affected in the loop, so they always know what is happening. Be available to answer questions. Red Banyan’s crisis PR team can guide you through the process. Our crisis management team will communicate directly with key influencers as well as your customers so everyone with an interest in your organization understands the status of your operations.

When you hire a crisis PR agency like Red Banyan, you get an outside perspective on your situation that is removed yet understanding. No one wants to face a crisis, but it is inevitable that one will occur sometime during the course of your professional career. It is important to remember that crisis management is the process by which an organization, business or individual handles an unexpected emergency situation.

The good news is that Red Banyan’s crisis PR professionals have the training and experience to handle all kinds of emergencies and guide your organization through the any challenges that arise. A well-crafted crisis communications plan will protect your organization’s reputation and preserve your brand through crisis scenarios.

Our team of crisis PR experts will address your crisis scenario head-on, create content that will inform and support your stakeholders and offer transparent, relevant updates regularly on social media channels.

When the crisis ends, our crisis PR team will take stock of any potential damage and do whatever it takes to repair your organization’s reputation if it has been tarnished. Our reputation management experts will review social media posts, respond to comments and create positive content to promote your image if needed.