Crisis PR for Hotels

Crisis communications is essential to the smooth operation of all businesses, but if you work in the hotel industry, the fallout can be disastrous if your company does not react swiftly to emergencies. A poor leisure and hospitality PR response could tarnish your hotel’s hard-won reputation in the blink of an eye.

Hotel guests, staff and management must be included in a comprehensive crisis communications plan that should outline action plans for a variety of challenging scenarios. Red Banyan’s hotel crisis PR experts know how to craft detailed crisis communications plans that are tailored to your business’s specific needs and target audience.

Whether your business is a hotel chain or an individual hotel, establishing two-way communications with frontline employees is paramount when disaster strikes. Red Banyan’s crisis management experts can help your business create protocols that will provide you with a roadmap to follow when problems occur.

Our public relations professionals understand that communicating in real time with your staff and guests is critical during a crisis. Our PR team also knows that communications are essential during as well as after a crisis occurs. It is necessary that all stakeholders understand what is happening and receive updated information as soon as it is available.

Crisis Management Team for Hotels

Crisis management for the hotel industry presents a variety of unique challenges because the majority of employees are deskless and may be difficult to reach. Red Banyan’s hospitality crisis communications experts will help your staff determine the best and fastest way to share critical information with everyone during an emergency. Methods such as email may not be universally helpful because many employees don’t work at computers, and others work at night. Whether it is more effective to use an app, texts, social media or some other method to communicate, our hotel crisis PR specialists will devise a fail-safe plan for your business.

An effective communication plan allows managers to keep in touch with employees about work schedules, closures, and any special procedures that may have been put into place to continue operations. Red Banyan’s hotel crisis PR experts will draft a comprehensive crisis communications plan that will keep team members up-to-date so they can share accurate information with the hotel guests.

Having a hotel crisis management plan in place will ensure that your guests have better experiences and more positive impressions of your company in general. Our hotel crisis management team has experience handling a wide variety of crisis communications for hotels related to accidents, suicides, deaths on the premises, theft by housekeeping and robberies committed on-site. We know how to address these unfortunate circumstances with minimal repercussions. 

Types of Crisis Case Studies

Red Banyan’s hotel crisis communications professionals know how important it is to communicate policy and process changes to staff quickly, no matter what type of crisis has occurred. Every situation requires a tailored response.

Hurricanes, common to regions like South Florida, present unique challenges. Hotel employees may need to secure their homes ahead of the storm so they can work through a hurricane. Others may have family members or obligations that might prohibit them from working during the storm. If a power failure occurs, communicating can become even more difficult.

Red Banyan’s PR experts have decades of crisis management experience and can devise a communications plan that will address these kind of concerns, along with a range of other issues. An established crisis plan will allow you to keep your staff informed about hotel closures, maintenance issues and specific guest concerns.

When a gunman opened fire in 2017 at a Las Vegas hotel, the ensuing chaos presented the kind of nightmarish crisis few could ever anticipate. Red Banyan’s crisis PR experts are prepared to expect the unexpected and can outline a custom plan of action that could be used in almost any scenario. Businesses that do not create a crisis communications plan before they need one are more likely to be attacked on social media and in hotel reviews for a poor response to a dire situation.

Hotels that established new protocols due to the coronavirus pandemic were routinely praised or slammed on social media for their levels of cleanliness and service. Hotel chains that responded favorably to the pandemic continued to attract new guests as well as positive reviews. Businesses that were ill-prepared and had a below-average crisis response faced possible damage to their online reputation.

Why Hotels Need PR

Hotels need public relations to get the word out about the positive events they host, the guests they serve, and the amenities and special deals they provide. Red Banyan’s PR professionals have the talent and expertise required to convey this valuable information and get your business noticed.

Our PR team has secured earned media coverage for hotels based on events the hotels hosted.  We also have coordinated dozens of large-scale national events and press conferences at hotel chains by working closely with the hotels’ in-house A/V teams.

Managing the Media During a Crisis

Red Banyan’s hotel crisis management experts understand what the media needs and what constitutes news because many of our team members are former reporters. We know what makes a valid story and can engage our media contacts in ways that stir interest. Our credibility stems from years of proven success in the PR field.

Our hotel crisis communications strategy includes media relations, social media and online reputation repair, which are essential during an emergency. Red Banyan’s crisis communications experts can train your staff in media relations so you will know how to work comfortably with the media and understand how to provide reporters with the necessary information to get your story media coverage.

Our team will teach you how what to expect when you do a live interview and help you understand how the media can assist your business in an emergency.

Red Banyan’s hotel crisis communications experts can help in a variety of emergency situations by creating a hotel crisis communications plan so you are never caught off guard.