Insurance Public Relations

Whether you are an insurance agent who needs help sharing your company’s message, or a customer who is unhappy with the way you have been treated, Red Banyan’s insurance PR experts can provide guidance that will help you achieve your goal.

Red Banyan specializes in insurance public relations and has decades of experience working on both sides of complex insurance issues. We have defended insurance companies that have found themselves under extreme pressure following tragic events.  In other instances, we were hired by people who had been mistreated by insurance companies and wanted to bring pressure to bear in order to push the insurance companies to do the right thing.

We know that when a natural disaster like a hurricane or flood takes place, problems can occur on both sides of the insurance equation. Emotions run high, money is at stake and impatience is the name of the game. Misunderstandings can easily happen. Our seasoned insurance PR professionals will carefully review your circumstances and create a customized PR strategy that will best serve your needs. We will set up a comprehensive PR plan and guide you through the process from start to finish.

We know how important it is for insurance companies to have a steady stream of new customers. Red Banyan’s public relations professionals know what it takes to keep customers coming back and will make sure your agency is doing everything it can to keep customers informed and happy.

Insurance Company Press Releases

Media savvy insurance companies pay close attention to current events and tie in agency initiatives by issuing press releases. The practice establishes company agents as subject matter experts who are there to help when the going gets tough.  Natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods make headlines and are typically covered by insurance, which is all the more reason to weigh in.

Red Banyan’s public relations professionals can help craft engaging press releases that will stir interest, provide valuable information and capture the attention of the news media. Our insurance PR team understands what it takes to attain news coverage because many of our employees are former news reporters. We know how to effectively pitch stories to the media contacts we have across the country.

When disaster strikes, we can help you create helpful blogs like producing a list of storm recovery tips, and as advice on how to protect personal property. We can also create content that focuses on why it is important to understand ahead of time what kind of damage your insurance covers and what it does not cover.

Negative Press Response- Insurance Company Crisis PR

Negative press is something everyone hopes to avoid, but when you are operating a business, it can be disastrous. Negative publicity can tarnish your insurance company’s reputation permanently and result in a loss of customers and income if it is not addressed promptly. Red Banyan’s insurance crisis communications experts have years of experience handling the fallout from negative PR and know what to do to minimize the impact.

Our social media consultants can use a variety of social media platforms to reach large audiences quickly and share your company’s side of the story. Red Banyan’s social media team will also create positive content about your business, so the negative information is less visible. Our online reputation experts regularly handle social media attacks and know exactly what to do when an unfavorable narrative begins to get too much attention.

Social media is also a valuable tool to help businesses gauge public opinion about their brand. Online reviews and commentary provide immediate feedback, and whether it is good or bad, you can respond and personalize your messaging in what can be an impersonal industry. Red Banyan’s online reputation repair experts will also help monitor online conversations about your brand, so you are never caught off guard.

Insurance companies can be intimidating. To counteract this issue, we will help your agency create a friendly external image, so your brand develops an image as an approachable and trustworthy business.

Taking on Insurance Companies

If you are a customer who has experienced problems with an unreasonable insurance company, Red Banyan’s insurance PR professionals have extensive experience dealing with bad actors. Our public relations professionals know how to put pressure on these businesses, so they do the right thing before you have to resort to legal action. Most companies want to avoid negative press coverage and scrutiny of suspect business practices because the long-term damage they cause can be irreversible.

Our insurance PR team knows how to communicate with insurance companies to help achieve the optimal outcome for customers in need.  Red Banyan’s PR experts will work closely to address your insurance-related issues in a timely manner, so your insurance company falls in line.

Defending Insurance Companies 

Our PR consultants know that insurance companies are called upon in dire situations and often unfairly vilified when the outcome is not what the customer expected. Insurance issues are complex and when problems occur, situations can get ugly fast. Red Banyan’s insurance PR professionals are experts at damage control.

We have worked with insurance companies for decades and understand that not all situations are black and white. We will help communicate your side of the story to the right parties at the right time so essential information is conveyed in a timely manner.

Our online reputation management experts will also keep track of any relevant online conversations so we can react swiftly if your company’s good name is put in jeopardy.

Red Banyan’s insurance PR professionals understand the complexities of the insurance industry and have the background to defend insurance companies that are under fire, as well as dissatisfied customers.