How the Entertainment Industry Should Handle Crisis PR

Negative publicity is never good, but when you are someone who works in the entertainment industry, if can be disastrous if improperly handled. The real time impact of social media can also have devastating effects, which is another reason that people who are considered public figures should employ professional crisis management experts when a PR crisis occurs.

Red Banyan specializes in crisis PR for the entertainment industry and has years of experience working as celebrity crisis PR experts. Our staff works regularly with entertainers and understands how important it is to act quickly.

Our crisis communications experts for the entertainment industry also realize that many cases involving crisis celebrity PR require strict confidence in addition to a speedy response. Our team of crisis communications experts understands the need for maintaining a low profile and is prepared to handle any scenario that may arise. The more time that passes, the greater damage unfavorable public relations can cause. Our celebrity crisis management experts know how to assess a problem, create a plan of action and execute that plan quickly so your reputation is not permanently tarnished, and you can move forward.

Negative Press for a Celebrity or Entertainment Company

Whether you are an entertainer or an entertainment company, it is possible that someday you may be the focus of a negative publicity campaign.  It is critical that you know what to do to minimize any possible damage. Consulting with a Hollywood crisis management firm like Red Banyan can be key to weathering a storm of unfavorable press or incurring lasting damage.

Red Banyan’s reputation management experts have years of experience handling celebrity crisis PR and can guide you through the recovery process, so you are better prepared in the future.

The longer you wait the worse the damage. It is a simple concept that is often ignored with disastrous results. When you address negative publicity head-on, you get your side of the story out in the way that you want it told. Celebrities that ignore issues and wait until they surface in the media are unnecessarily putting their livelihoods and reputations in the hands of the press.

The media and entertainment public relations experts at Red Banyan can help take control of the narrative and make sure publicity highlights your side of the story with the tone and voice that you want portrayed.

Handling “Cancel Culture” with the Help of PR Experts

“Cancel culture” is a phenomenon in which detractors who disagree with a public figure, a company or a brand withdraw support for a brand or person and encourage others to also do so on social media. People in effect “cancel” a brand by withdrawing their support for it.

The negative results can be fast and furious, and the fallout can destroy reputations, damage brands and shame public officials. Knowing how to react when this trend begins to emerge is one of the things Red Banyan’s crisis management experts address regularly.

Red Banyan’s cancel culture crisis management professionals know how important it is to find the source of the problem and address it quickly. Brands and reputations get canceled through online shaming on social media platforms. Celebrities operate under constant scrutiny because they are in the public eye. When they say something that is construed to be offensive, support an unpopular cause or are photographed doing something others do not support, the drum beat of cancel culture may begin to sound.

Cancel culture isn’t as basic as being ‘wrong or right.’ Each brand or celebrity that gets canceled has a different reason and outcome

Social media attacks can be difficult to combat, but the celebrity PR and social media experts at Red Banyan know what to do when someone’s reputation is at stake. Our social media experts can monitor your social media channels and set up alerts, so they know when something questionable is posted online. Our team will also share positive content that will reduce the effect of any negative posts that may be flooding social media channels.

“Cancel Culture” PR Strategies

When bad news breaks it is never a good idea to wait to address it. Responding to negative publicity quickly shows that you are concerned about feedback and value what people say about you. The reputation management experts at Red Banyan will track any negative content on all your social media channels and respond in a timely manner to any unfavorable claims. Facing negative publicity instead of ignoring it shows that you care what your fans think about you.

The effects of cancel culture can be catastrophic, but there are a few things you do proactively to avoid being caught up in it.  First, our crisis communications experts will help you position yourself or your celebrity brand in a way that will generate positive public sentiment. Secondly, if negative comments about you or your brand surface on social media, our social media experts will respond to them quickly, because ignoring such comments fuels online rage.

Red Banyan’s celebrity crisis PR experts will also help you clarify the root of the problem and find a solution that will lower the temperature if not resolve the issue. Lastly, Red Banyan’s reputation management experts will find an appropriate way for you to take ownership of your mistakes and assure your followers that the problem will not happen again. Celebrities who ignore online attacks may find their reputations devalued by online detractors.

How to Navigate the “Cancel Culture” Trend

People who scuba dive are familiar with the mantra “plan your dive and dive your plan” because it saves lives. Divers who deviate from their dive plan may run out of air and face a life-threatening emergency. Crisis communications works similarly. Crisis communications experts like those at Red Banyan urge their clients to plan for a crisis and then follow their crisis plan when an emergency occurs. The result can preserve your online reputation. In the era of cancel culture, the risks are too great to be unprepared.

When a social media attack occurs, it is important for celebrities to focus their key messages and make sure they present clear and cohesive messages across all platforms. Red Banyan’s celebrity PR professionals know it can be difficult to defend your position and get the correct information out. Our crisis communications team will press the truth so that that your side of the story is shared, and accurate information is conveyed.

Red Banyan specializes in cancel culture crisis management, so our staff has the expertise to guide celebrities and others in the entertainment industry through trying situations. Our team regularly works together with legal professionals to protect our clients from legal and reputational risks.

Because the cancel culture is so prevalent, those who work in the entertainment industry must safeguard their online reputations with social media monitoring, crisis communications plans and regular contact with crisis communications experts like those at Red Banyan if they want to avoid online disasters.